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What Indians Think about PewDiePie vs T-Series

In his newest video, PewDiePie reacted to “What do Indians think of PewDiePie vs T-Series“, a video created by Asian Boss.

Indians seem to really know of the online event and most of them even support PewDiePie. However, some still support T-Series because they grew up with it.

One smart Indian boy was asked:

Why do you think T-Series is so big in India?

He replied:

Ok, first of all, the YouTube algorithm, they post like 20 videos a day

It looks like this kid know what is up. He later said that the only reason he is not subscribed to T-Series is because he doesn’t want 20 videos a day blocking his feed.

As discovered in the report, T-Series really is blowing up because an Internet Company in India called “Jio”. This company is providing cheap and fast Internet all over India and everyone is getting connected.

At the end of the day, Indians see it as a “fun” and “meme” battle and don’t really take it seriously. Or do they?

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69 thoughts on “What Indians Think about PewDiePie vs T-Series

  1. i think its cool that you are turning pew news into an actual thing, i think you should make the articles full articles though and not just a couple of lines and then a link to the video.

    1. We can’t just have random people hosting meme review, get Phil Swift on or something, not some random kid

  2. Some indians thinknits real and eft offended and they’re all dumb…. But people like the blue shirt kid and the black shirt dude… They know its a joke… So its a mix…. Those who get butthurt… They’re just idiots cuz they dont know its a joke going on

  3. it would be awesome if you put memes and what PewDiePie rated them on here too! pls make a lil section just for memes! also make it where u can upvoted comments

  4. I’m still cracking up about the girl who got so offended because pewds called T-Series bitch lasagna

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