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PewDiePie’s Surpasses 100 Million Subscribers & YouTube Goes Beyond a Simple Button

PewDiePie has reached his goal to get over 100 million subscribers on his YouTube channel before August the 31st. He set this goal a couple of weeks ago and has already achieve it! Been the top YouTube channel for over 6 years and still being the single person content creator with the most populous subscribers –even surpassing groups of people who create content together–, he is still constantly changing and improving his content.

Al the same time, he has also defeated the Minecraft final boss, the ender dragon in such a sick and funny way. It’s hilarious how he made it seem like a child’s play with the perfect dose of drama.

If we start off from the beginning, what would younger Felix be playing?

Minecraft! 8 years ago, he was playing the same game for his bros (and sis 😉) like he does now. It all fits like a perfect cycle, his first Minecraft gameplays with very few subscribers, and now reaching the insane amount of 100 million subscribers.

After Minecraft, he started with the amnesia gameplays, where he met his arch-nemesis: BARRELSSSSS! And shortly after that, he was traveling to Italy to be with the girl of his dreams which now has become his wife. And his very first vlog series “Fridays with PewDiePie” showed up to share his mind with his bros on his genuine way.

He summed it all up in his 1000th video special. Go watch it!

From his first video, to the 100th video special with barely 2500 subscribers and finally to the insane amount of 100,000,000 subscribers, this journey has been and will be filled with laughs and joy.

This time, and for the very first time, YouTube went beyond a button and made a special video for PewDiePie (Did they do it for T-stuff? Who is even that T?).

The video was a time line from his very beginning on YouTube to the 100 million subscribers. Even though it looks like that typical Facebook automatized random video and after mailing almost all of Felix’s buttons with years of delay, you can’t say they didn’t deliver this time (However, they could have done better!).

PewDiePie is now on his honeymoon, but, as he tweeted, as soon as he comes back, he will not only be sharing the honeymoon footage, but he will do the long-awaited Minecraft 12 hours livestreaming, his 100,000,000 subscribers special and the fattest BROFIST of all time!

Congratulations, Felix! You are more than worthy! Watch out for barrels, bro. GET IN THE BOAT!!!

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