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It’s Been an Honor, Fellow 9-Year-Olds

PewDiePie has been entangled in a brutal battle with T-Series for months now. However, it appears that our beloved crab king, Felix Ka-jellberg, has finally succumbed to defeat. Who could have seen this coming?

subgap overtake
Subscriber gap as of March 28

T-Series surpassed PewDiePie in subscriber count on March 26, taking the lead by 3,600 subscribers, which quickly grew to 8,000 and then 10,000, causing widespread panic among 9-year-olds worldwide. After frenzied back-and-forth skirmishes between the opposing channels, T-Series took another massive lead on March 27, and now sits at over 50,000 subscribers above PewDiePie, as of the publishing of this article on March 29, 2019.

The battle, it seems, has been lost…

And though Mr. Cagelberg, um… Keelburg…? Shellburg…? — [I don’t know! There have been budget cuts at Pew News, and it’s not like they sent me to get schooling at the News Journalism Center for Reporters who Pronounce Real Words Good] — has put up a valiant fight in the past, as shown in the subscriber count trend graphic below, it doesn’t seem like the charming Swede has taken any extra measures to ensure his success this time, despite the tantalizing goal of being the first channel on YouTube to reach the milestone of 100 million subscribers.

pewdiepie t series subscribers
Subscriber graph courtesy of SocialBlade

The reason for T-Series’ most recent boost in subscribers is currently unknown. Their previous victory came after a trailer for a movie called PM Narendra Modi, which went viral, getting over five million views in 16 hours. Several popular Bollywood celebrities have also joined the battle in support of T-Series, pleading with Indian people to subscribe to T-Series.

A more general reason for the growth of several large Indian YouTube channels (it ain’t just T-Series, folks!) is simply that more Indians are getting online. Thanks to low prices from mobile network provider Jio, large portions of India are gaining affordable Wi-Fi. It seems like Blue Shirt Kid was right: more Indians are subscribing to T-Series every day, due to more widespread availability of internet access…

… I’m not supposed to give my opinion, BUT… it may also be due in part to an automatic subscriber system for T-Series… *cough, cough* SUB BOT!

T-Series was projected by social media statistics websites to pass PewDiePie’s subscriber count in late 2018. However, the nine-year-old army has rallied again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, and managed to hold out until now. But the lumbering behemoth that is T-Series, and the collective might of India, the world’s second largest country by population, has finally managed to topple the charming Swedish former hot dog salesman from his position as the king of YouTube… for now.

T-Series may have won this battle, but the war is far from over.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines until now… it’s time to do your part. #WarFor100Million

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85 thoughts on “It’s Been an Honor, Fellow 9-Year-Olds

  1. actually, i have been sorting by new on reddit, and i saw a pist where some guy found out that someone bought 50 000 subs for t-series

      1. The war is far from over. Don’t worry, the sub gap is slowly dropping. Let the sub bot and T series enjoy the temporary victory. As we slowly take it away from them….

    1. You gave up, this is the reason he lost for those couple of days. Because people like you are giving up not doing anything more to save pewds. At my school we talk about it, we yell about it, we watch the sub count when ever we can. In class or not hope this helps you fight harder.

  2. ok so here what i have to say no the war is not over just because they passed us dosent mean that its over. some people done a lot of things to do to help pewdiepie. i myself whent out in the snow and spent 8 and a half hours handing out fliers to every house in my town to subscribe to pewdiepie my hands were numb after i also spread the word by mounth and tryed to buy adsbut i could cauase im broke, besides that i did my part and ill do my part over 3 time or more for pewdiepie. dont let the fact we got surpass hold you back go out fearless and figh for pewdiepie where were you when we got surpass where were you. dont wait for a stream dont wait for a mr beast stunt do it yourself any means nessary no fake acounts only real acounts from real people go out there fight for pewdiepie if he loses we lose if we win we are one dont let anyone stop you go and fight for pewdiepie this is only the start of a new battle in wich we rise to the top with strength and power we will win we can win dont let T-Series get ahad go and fight this battle is not over yet!

  3. They ain’t at 100 mil yet I don’t see a winner I see a poser 🎃 t-series ain’t shit with they sub bots and cheap tactics smh.

  4. if t-series reach the100000000 then PewDiePie will the 1st person who reach the 100000000 subs because t-gay is a fucking company so it’ easy for him (20 videos in one day OMG)

  5. F

    wait no its not over yet. fight hard 9-year old we can do it tell you friends tell your friend’s friends tell you mom tell your GRAN we can win never give up never give up 😢..ne..ver giv-ve up!

  6. i was on discord when this happened and im just now finding out about this i just screamed on voice chat “9-year-olds….we’ve failed….”

  7. Honestly It was a honour to fight along side yall
    proud to call myself a nine year old (or 14 i dont know)

  8. Omfg, Pewds is back one being number one and he’s almost 50,000 subscribers apart. This 9-year-old army won’t stop subscribing. Keep going!!!

  9. Make a topic about Congratualtions and break it down although drama alert already did but I need a trustworthy news source can’t trust a killer

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