anti india racist youtuber pewdiepie has been nailed by delhi high court youtube

Defamatory News Article Mocks PewDiePie with no Evidence

What a surprise…

The article entitled White Guy Whines about Having to Follow Indian Laws, later changed to PewDiePie Asked to Delete T-Series Diss Tracks, Fans Complain About Rule of Law and featured with an extremely high-resolution image of PewDiePie opens with:

Imagine Indians and their opinions/laws/judegements actually having to matter.

Shantanu David – News 18

Yes, judgments is spelled wrong on the article. The author, Shantanu David seems to ignore several key points that completely invalidate his point.

  1. The judgment in question, to remove PewDiePie’s songs, was not created by or for the Indian people. The judgment was created by Delhi High Court influenced by (and most likely paid for) T-Series, a corporation, with the intent of censoring videos from the Indian people.
  2. He says that PewDiePie’s throne is built on invalidating other groups, which couldn’t be a more direct antithesis to how PewDiePie became so famous.

PewDiePie isn’t the only one who would disagree with India’s laws, the other being would world-famous civil rights leader Dr.Martin Luther King Jr, leaving Shantanu David in an awkward position for calling PewDiePie a “white supremacist” for disagreeing with said laws.

One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

Martin Luther King Jr. – Letter from the Birmingham Jail

So sure, Shantanu David, PewDiePie must be a white supremacist for disagreeing with the exact kind of laws Dr. King said everyone had a moral responsibility to disobey.

Furthermore, the article completely displays disregard for the truth, and is just an opportunity to call PewDiePie a “White Supremacist” with no sources at all (what a novelty!). The writer takes many opportunities to mock PewDiePie and call him racist for no reason. For example, the first paragraph starts with:

PewDiePie, that most assured of social media parasiticals, has been quivering of late.

Shantanu David on his article

The entire article is based around the claim that PewDiePie is worried or upset that his videos were removed, when in reality he hasn’t even responded at the time this article was written.

The article continues to invalidate itself with more racist and defamatory remarks such as calling PewDiePie fans neo-Nazi fetishists which is simply crazy and untrue, and calling PewDiePie: Felix Whatshisname.

Felix Whatshisname proceeded to inflame social media narratives with quasi-racist bovine excreta and other things caucasian demagogues care about.

Shantanu David on his article

This remark had many people realizing the absurdity of this obscene article, as he hypocritically makes fun of Felix’s Swedish (also difficult to pronounce) family name. He also made fun of Felix for being white in the former title, but that title has since been changed.

I don’t know. I am not supposed to give my personal opinion, but maybe there isn’t something wrong with PewDiePie. Given the ratio of likes on the author’s Tweets and the fact that people everywhere are calling this nothing short of the magnum-opus of “Bad Journalism” it seems like it is much more likely that there is something wrong with what he knows, or doesn’t, about PewDiePie.

Laws created by corporations (via $) to protect them from non-defamatory material have no place in a legal system. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Plus, you may be in trouble with American laws regarding Defamation. If Felix has to worry about India’s laws, then you better get worrying.

I am not supposed to have my own personal opinion.

There are just laws and unjust laws. Just laws protect everyone, promote safety, ensure fair equal opportunity and prevent unfair practices. Unjust laws promote one group over another, skew the playing field and should be changed!

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28 thoughts on “Defamatory News Article Mocks PewDiePie with no Evidence

  1. Honestly I downloaded the Pew News app as a joke but I’m really happy I did. You guys give great coverage of recent news surrounding Felix and it’s refreshing to see well-written articles citing sources and such, no bias either. Also with a lot of well-made points. Just great journalism (something big news sites can’t seem to do these days).

  2. I saw this article (the one taked about) and at first glance I could already tell it was completely biased and opinion based.

  3. After looking at this “news articles” (if you can even call them that.) he seems to be one on the path of social justice, a pathetic system that promotes victim hood and the ability to treat whites as racists who don’t deserve any sympathy for being such a skin color, something the left of the political spectrum (at least in America) seem to adore. In readings his “article” there is a clear message he is trying to send to the reader, *PewDiePie is racist* and he’ll have to vomit his poisonous, hostile lies through his teeth to send a message that isn’t remotely true.

    1. i kind of disagree, being white still has more advantages than disadvantages, and Pewdiepie paid two men to dance around with a sign that said death to all Jews, and even if he though they wouldn’t do it he could have just not posted the video.

  4. It’s so sickening to know people like this exist and write an entire article of lies. I can’t believe people keep calling PewDiePie a racist even though it’s not true. I’m a proud subscriber of Pew News. Thank you Oopsie Doopsie for this article.

  5. I read that original article and was quite surprised that no one was bringing attention to it. Glad this credible news source finally did this!

  6. I saw a video accusing PewDiePie of “radicalizing young boys” with no context or evidence surrounding it’s flimsy argument. The landwhale who filmed himself didn’t even attempt to be honest or credible.

  7. Is there even a single article that actually checks the sources and not make up some random bullshit about pewdiepie not including this website????

  8. I absolutely love this website and its app I think it is funny that a website made as a joke based around a fictional news channel would do a better job at telling the news and expressing free speech than a government-funded news channle

  9. so apparently not abiding by unjust indian law is totally racist and should be shunned, but ignoring and completely mocking someone’s swedish name is totally okay to do and not bigoted at all?

  10. Glad to see this website has ads now. Best looking news site and app I’ve ever seen. Deserves the money it’s bringing in.

  11. I wish PewDiePie would just sue for slander. for vox’s article on PewDiePie, everything in it is just wrong ,as PewDiePie pointed out, they said that Alinity apologized and Felix was the one who kept wanting to drag the situation on when in reality it was the opposite

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