youtuber pewdiepie banned Petition to BAN PewDiePie from YouTube

PewDiePie did an oopsie. No recover.

There is now a petition calling for PewDiePie’s complete removal from YouTube due to ‘white supremacist platform’.

He might as well delete his channel and start finding a new job, because petitions are the most effective way to make a change in the world, at least in the EU. It’s not like article 13 got five million signatures against it and nothing happened.

Despite what the title may imply, the petition is literally just calling to ban PewDiePie from the website and nothing else. The information page shows the following headline at the top:


It would be a good headline if it represented what the petition is about… Let’s get over the points that they made against PewDiePie, without any context or linking to sources, just misrepresenting and misinforming people:

PewDiePie used the n-word twice in two separate videos and has hired people to say the n-word

PewDiePie, as of PewNews records, only has used the n-word in the fateful “bridge” live stream. It was irresponsible of him to do that, but he has already acknowledged this wrongdoing and moved away from it. It was almost two years ago, it is time to stop stirring the past.

PewDiePie has promoted videos that contain Adolf Hitler speeches and anti-semitic cartoons

They might be referencing the Wall Street Journal article about PewDiePie, which had a Hitler speech in it (?). They might be also referencing Disney famous cartoon that contains Adolf Hitler type of propaganda (?). Who knows…

PewDiePie paid Indian men on Fiverr to hold up signs to say “death to all Jews”

Has every single media news media article in the past three years that mentions PewDiePie’s name not mentioned this enough already? Another thing that is never mentioned is that he also wrote “subscribe to keemstar” as well. I guess we’re just gonna keep hearing it for the next 200 years…

PewDiePie performed the Nazi Heil in one of his videos


PewDiePie used images of famous african-americans (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Barack Obama) captioned with the wrong names

Wow. This is serious business. Confirmed white-supremacist.

PewDiePie made a clip of a man dressed as Jesus holding a sign stating Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong

PewDiePie did not do this. This has just been constantly told by people and no one checks up on it. There is no source, this is what PewDiePie actually wrote him to say:

Hi, this is jesus

I want to say subscribe to my favorite channel on YouTube Jacksepticeye 2

I love Jacksepticeye 2

PewDiePie talking to Jesus Chris via Fiverr
PewDiePie makes rape jokes

It was six years ago, but here it is implied that PewDiePie doed it right now. The joke was that this monster was gonna rape him in a horror game.

PewDiePie in his face swapping video repeatedly uses an image actress less of a Leslie Jones to represent Harambe, the gorilla killed in the Cincinnati Zoo last year

The famous wobbling video was an AI, Felix had no control.

A lot of people are obviously taking this petition seriously, it’s accumulated 77,000 signatures as of March 8, 2019. If you don’t know anything about PewDiePie, then obviously it paints a bad picture that is not true. Further on in the comments, the petition creators even admit:

Even if PewDiePie cleaned up his acts, his comment sections are still a cesspool of white supremacist activities and commentaries.

…All the sudden, the comment section is the problem…

In the petition, they even quoted a satirical article about Felix as a claim that I was a white supremacist, saying that PewDiePie dressed up in an entire KKK uniform while streaming.

Hey, listen, it was an epic game. I could not help myself, it happens to the best of us.

This was clearly just a photoshoped picture and a joke. It’s a satirical website. However, people do believe it, so it’s kind of sad…

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21 thoughts on “ Petition to BAN PewDiePie from YouTube

  1. People just see and believe, they never look into it to see if it is real.

    I know I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but this is making flat earthers look sane (okay not that bad but still)

  2. i bet T-series is behind this petition
    pewdiepie literally did nothing wrong, other than being a cool dude.

  3. These people are signing up the petition because of either a.) their IQ is 0, or b.) they were payed by greedy corporations (Sony ATV, UMG, etc.) to sign this, otherwise they’re fired.

  4. There many people who are popular gamers that said the n word many times. While pewdiepie said it once and is still getting hate. Pewdiepie made a mistake and has moved from it and so should we.

  5. Why do these articles never checked to see if it’s real?

    Oh sorry for stating my opinion cause I’m not supposed to do that

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