Roblox bans PewDiePie

Roblox Bans PewDiePie For Life

PewDiePie played Roblox the other day to stop T-Series, closing the gap over 42,000 subscribers. There were over 120,000 current viewers at some point, making it the biggest Roblox livestream of all time.

Now, I go on Roblox every day and I check out my latest creations, and I realized that PewDiePie’s account had been deleted:

Offensive item reason : Inappropriate. Pewdie123t32’s Place has been terminated (…) Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox had been in violation of our Terms of Service.

I’m not supposed to have my opinion, but I would never be that biased. They banned PewDiePie just because he said a couple bad words, disgusting! People are outraged in the Roblox community and rightfully so (I’m not supposed to have my opinion) 84 people have spoken.

He just had fun with fans. I watched the entire livestream. He did nothing wrong. Then, people start going into conspiracy territory saying that uploading anything related to PewDiePie on Roblox might get banned. We found this post from a Roblox Staff from January 9:

PewDiePie is no longer permitted on Roblox due to his content redirecting to unsafe and inappropriate site and channels, as well as continued inappropriate behavior.

Okay, then, you need to ban 90% of the YouTube, like Logan Paul and VanossGaming for saying inappropriate things, right? Basically Roblox is saying that YouTubers with mature themes are not permitted to ever join Roblox?

It’s annoying that fans that would just want to support me literally get their account deleted for adding stuff like “Sub to PewDiePie My favorite is this one:

Roblox, I met PewDiePie yesterday on Bee Swarm Simulator and greeted him.

He got his account disabled for saying “HI PEWDIEPIE.”

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13 thoughts on “Roblox Bans PewDiePie For Life

  1. Honestly, I don’t like that they are banning the words: PewDie (when put together. Thats what I heard..) I heard that it is because of the memes that were not okay fr Roblox. But he is NOT a meme, He is a person. He should be able to play it.

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