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Jake Paul Calls Out Cody Ko for Being a “Bully”

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If someone were to make a video calling out a cyberbully, who would be the worst possible person to make that video? That’s right! Jake Paul!

Ethan Klein (H3H3) tweet about the situation

Interestingly, although Jake completely missed his shot, it does not change much because there was no target. Jake chose to target Cody Ko, the YouTuber from the famous “Road Work Ahead” video. Cody Ko’s jokes simply go right over Jake Paul’s head, and Jake was not able to provide any evidence, besides insults, against Cody. In fact, Cody’s channel specializes in controlling the harmful effects Jake Paul inflicts on children.

Cody Ko
Cody Ko

In the Paul’s video, Jake Paul calls Cody Ko a “wannabe comedian“, as if Jake doesn’t understand the definition of “wannabe”, as Ko is a very popular comedian and Jake himself called him “hilarious“. He then goes to confront Cody Ko and tell him that he “doesn’t like” his content, the exact same think Cody Ko did to him, the only difference being Cody provided reasoning and examples.

Despite the embarrassing situation Jake put Cody and himself in, Cody handles the situation impressively well. When Jake told Cody that he didn’t like the way Cody’s content “”””””””bullies”””””””” kids, Cody responded “which kids”? Unable to answer the question, Jake immediately deflects back to “I don’t like that”. Later when reviewing the footage, Jake says Cody was “deflecting” by asking this question, although it is the central idea of Jake’s entire argument: Cody Ko bullies kids.

Jake Paul has notoriously been one of the worst influences on the younger children ever observed, so it shouldn’t be a shock that him and his fans would be the target of question and concern.

The thumbnail from Drew Gooden’s video about Jake’s live show

The truth is that Jake Paul didn’t make this video to draw attention to negative content, he did it to draw hate towards content that exposes him. Jake Paul’s video revived incredibly negative reception.

Jake Paul’s video dislike-like ratio (May 22 2019): 83%

Thankfully, people realized how absurd Jake was being. At one point, the situation was even on trending on Twitter. Ironically, the video where Jake calls out Cody for being a bad influence is called “our first time making out on camera…”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jake Paul’s last uploaded videos (May 22 2019)

Here on PewNews, we don’t endorse showing this kind of videos to children. We are very responsible here… I am NOT SUPPOSED to give my own personal and totally subjective opinion, BUT this doesn’t look good for our good friend, Jake Paul.

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17 thoughts on “Jake Paul Calls Out Cody Ko for Being a “Bully”

  1. The most controversial thing about this article is you, Mary Katherine Ham. #JusticeForPoppyGloria

  2. This Is completely false Cody is not from the road works ahead video, the picture is Danny Gonzalez this is completely false

  3. Jake and Logan Paul are fucking insane. I’m not proud to say this, but when I was 11 I watched Logan and absolutely wanted to buy his merch. They 100% brainwash kids to like them! Logan for example says you are a maverick if you are “different”. Like WTF?! When I later saw other videos about Logan however, after the “forest video”, I quickly changed my mind and became a true 9-year-old. #9yearoldarmy

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