sexual explotation of childen causes Adpocalypse 2

Child Sexual Exploitation on YouTube Triggers Adpocalypse II

The Ad-pocalypse is upon us.

Fortnite pulls ads over YouTube.

Nestlé (the most ethical company of all time) pull ads from YouTube.

Disney pulls ads from YouTube.

Why are all these companies pulling away their ads from YouTube? We need to go back to a YouTube channel called Girls Couture Club. This YouTube channel is about young girl models and their most popular videos are all bikini related, already that’s kind of disturbing.

At the same time, MYSTIC7 and Vailskibum, two regular family friendly channels got shut down by YouTube out of nowhere because of “Community Guidelines Strikes for sexual content.

People started wondering what was happening and it turned out that it was because the word “CP” was in the title of some of their videos. “CP”, which means Combat Points (in Pokemon), or Club Penguin, in other terms — it could also mean Child Porn[ography].

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the Ad-pocalypse, but it’s important for context. However, this guy named MattWhatItIs, made a video where he talked about how YouTube is facilitating the sexual exploitation of children and it’s being monetized.

Matt pointed out that if you click on a certain type of videos on YouTube you will eventually enter this click hole where YouTube will recommend to you videos of young girls wearing skinny clothes or doing gymnastics or something like that. The more you click, the more those videos will be recommended to you.

I’d be lying if I said I was surprised, this is how it works on YouTube. YouTube wants you to stay on the website as long as possible, so the way the algorithm works is that, if you watch a certain type of content for a long time, it is going to recommend more of that content to you. The irony of this is that YouTube’s algorithm has been serving pedophiles videos of young girls. It’s not funny, but it’s just messed up.

Another thing that Matt pointed out was that, if you check the comments on these videos, there’s a bunch of people writing time-stamps to help each other out to find the sexually explicit part (or what can be interpreted as such). These videos are just innocent videos of girls, they’re not doing anything in particular. However, there might be like that one point where maybe they show a little bit more and, through the YouTube comments section, people find those parts more easily.

People have pointed out the hypocrisy that these videos are actually monetized and YouTube’s constant effort to demonetize its creators. This is annoying, but there’s a bigger issue: this clickhole of videos.

Somehow this whole thing became let’s try and get all the ads to pull away from YouTube:

I think what I’m gonna do is: I’m going to start contacting McDonald’s and things like that. If you go to my video “YouTube is facilitating the sexual exploitation of children,” in the description I’ve included all the social media contact information for every brand that appears in my video.

MattWhatItIs on Twitter

And it worked! Advertisers started pulling out from YouTube because of this. A lot of people asked why is pulling ads from YouTube stopping pedophiles. Obviously, it doesn’t. It might raise more awareness or urgency to YouTube, but, other than that, you’re just gonna hurt everyone on the website.

Not just advertisers pulled up, but channels that uploaded family-friendly content with their kids in it got also their videos demonetized and all the comments on these videos were disabled.

YouTube responded to this, saying:

Out of abundance of caution, some videos that include minors and, at risk of predatory comments, may have comments disabled. This is only related to content that may endanger minors.

YouTube Team on Twitter

They also recommended that if you have videos with minors in them, you should hold off comments and review them. YouTube also said that they terminated 400 channels and reported illegal comments to law enforcement.

However, people were furious, saying this is the end of YouTube, because of this response that YouTube made:

[…] with regards to the action that we’ve taken, even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads.

YouTube Team on Twitter

So, comments on YouTube could demonetize the creator, which seems pretty crazy. A lot of people, who are not happy about this, affirmed that YouTube is now officially the monetizing videos in the comments section. How easy it is now to destroy a YouTuber career by just leaving insults on his/her videos.

For the first time in a long time, as Gloria Borger, I’m on YouTube’s side. This is obviously a swift and short-term solution, because people like Matt, who just want to see the site burn, are doing all this stuff. They obviously needed to act quickly.

There’s a larger issue here, it goes back to the beginning with the Girls Couture Club, where you have very young girls in bikinis. Where do you draw the line on what is family-friendly and what is no longer family-friendly?

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