tekashi 69 cooperates with feds

Tekashi 69 Pleads Guilty to Nine Counts, Cooperates with Feds

This might mean that Tekashi 69, who previously would spend forty seven years in jail, which would mean he would come out on the age of 69, ruin the meme.

I mean what happened to the initial response was:

Daniel Hernandez is completely innocent of all charges being brought against him

What happened to being innocent on all charges Tekashi? He admitted that he paid someone to shoot a rival rapper to scare him. He also admits finally to be involved in the gang Nine Trey.

I mean to be fair, most people would probably rat out to avoid that long a bit of a prison time. However, at the same time, he obviously did a lot of bad things. When Tekashi gets out, he’s going to be in trouble. He’s going to have to hire a lot of security.

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