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Shane Dawson Claims Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza Always Uneven

There’s a conspiracy going on, popularized by Shane Dawson, that the pizza slices from the Chuck-E-Cheese are always uneven. Is Chuck-E-Cheese reusing the pizza slices from other customers?

Shane Dawson went to Chuck-E-Cheese to investigate on this conspiracy. He then asked an employee what their response was and the employee just laugh.

Chuck-E-Cheese was forced to respond to this conspiracy. Spokesperson claims unequivocally false. That sounds a lot like what someone who is part of a conspiracy would say…

However, most likely they cook a lot of pizzas and, based on what people order, distribute the pizza slices accordingly. I doubt that they’re reusing slices, it just seems like a high risk-low gain kind of deal.

I really enjoyed this conspiracy. YouTube has got a lot of blow-back from the media about conspiracy videos.

I don’t know what I feel about it. If you want to enjoy a conspiracy theory just realize that 99% of conspiracies are false, which of course means that 1% of conspiracies are real and the chuck-e-cheese slice conspiracy pizza reuse is CONFIRMED. I rest my case here.

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30 thoughts on “Shane Dawson Claims Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza Always Uneven

  1. as an avid fan of cuck y cheese, this is slander!!! how DARe you poopy accuse chuc the mouse to do something so horrible and atrocious

  2. I feel bad for Chuck E. Cheese they are probably getting less customers. Also maybe more customers because other YouTubers want to investigate it as well.

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