A giraffe hacks printers worldwide

Hacker Giraffe Hacks Printers Worldwide to Help PewDiePie Against T-Series

The sub-gap difference is now less than 40k between (T-Series and PewDiePie). This could be the final day. For the first time, I’m scared.

Can you believe this? “Someone hacked printers worldwide, urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie

THANK YOU printers, VERY cool. This is what I’m talking about, even printers are doing their part. Now, I saw this on Twitter and I actually thought it was fake, I didn’t really take it seriously…

The message shows

Basically, the printers printed and told people to:

1. Unsubscribe from T-Series
2. Subscribe to PewDiePie “Share awareness, tell everyone you know. And Brofist.”
“EXTRA POINTS” “Subscribe to Dolan Dark and grandayy”
“Hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa”
“Smile the world is a great place. Nevermind, it’s 2018 and we’re all gonna die.”
“PROTIP: Your printer is exposed to the internet, please fix that.”
“Greetings from a friendly Giraffe.”

This was made by TheHackerGiraffe. The hacker said that he found over 800k vulnerable printers but decided to just target 50k of them with this message that was printed. People on Twitter were saying:

“Why are local printers being hacked for this?”
“So this just randomly printed on one of our work printers. I think PewDiePie has hacked our systems.”

This was getting more media attention than anything I’ve seen revolving me. It was featured a ton of different media websites: IGN, Wired (I love this one because it says: Printers were exploited for PewDiePie propaganda). Russians hacked the election, but 9-year-olds hacked the printers. That’s the one the history I will remember.

So obviously this raises awareness, because a lot of people’s printers could easily be exploited and cause damage. The Giraffe said that he could have targeted more, but decided not to and he also mentioned that: “I killed two birds with one stone (…) raised awareness for this issue and helped PewDiePie get a slight edge

So, make sure your printer or other devices that are connected to your WiFi or internet are secured. TheHackerGiraffe also mentioned that there are several hundred thousand open Minecraft servers: “Do I make a bot that joins and spams SUB TO PEWDIEPIE or is that too useless? (…) It’ll attract real 9-year-olds“. Desperate times calls for desperate measurements…


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