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PewDiePie’s Minecraft Gameplays Take the Game Back to Life

PewDiePie has started a series based on Minecraft gameplays, but… why now? Maybe because it’s not popular anymore, as he stated himself in his video “Why I refused to play Minecraft”. There aren’t as much YouTube channels as before doing gameplays. If he had made gameplays before, his channel would have turned into a Minecraft gaming channel and it wouldn’t be as easy as it is to change the theme of his videos. He claims that now he can play and leave it whenever he wants without any serious consequences (that is what he thinks…).

PewDiePie brought the game back to life in YouTube, where now you can find several other content creators who have started Minecraft gameplays series as they saw it is rentable again. However, neither of them makes it as enjoyable as Felix does. Even if you don’t like Minecraft (or you find it boring), Pewds has the recipe to make it as fun and enjoyable.

It started on a completely ironic way, but now it is certain that the series have become more serious due to their total success. A success that can only be achieved by this “Swedish silly boy”, as he usually calls himself.

I got raided in minecraft
I got RAIDED in Minecraft!!! – Part 8 by PewDiePie

There are a lot of chapters of this series already available in his YouTube channel and he has also pleased his army with several livestreams. However, not as many as the 9-year-olds would have wanted, so he has promised to stream more often.

At a second hand, he started a duo gameplay series with Jacksepticeye where the fun is doubled up, a Swedish pro-gamer and an Irish newbie at Minecraft trying to fulfill their own imaginary goals while they lose notion of time fighting each other or chatting or having the most ridiculous and funnier argues.

We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft pewdiepie
We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/PewDiePie by Jackspedicy

Furthermore, he made a stream with famous actor Jack Black on DLive in order to generate funds to support mental health awareness along with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in memory of Etika. This stream was a total success of a mess, you can see there how PewDiePie starts a mortal combat with Jack because of Jack being Marzia’s first crush when she was 14 years old.

Also on one of the latest chapters on this series you can find Pewds fighting himself as a Minecraft boss. You can actually do it yourself if you go to McMakistein’s website and download the package. Are you ready to face PewDiePie or you’re going to peepee poopoo in your pants?!

I can’t get enough of @pewdiepie’s Minecraft videos. Best timeline ever!

Notch’s tweet on July 17th

Been Notch the creator of the game, this is a real compliment to the self-called best gamer in the world.

No one knows how long this series will last, but you can be sure that it will be fun while it endures. The developers may put their hands to work now that they have this incredible opportunity, they better strike while the iron is hot. You better stay tuned and wait for the new features to be introduced as this is the shot Mojang should have been waiting for. Clearly there should be a lot of new content to be developed now that several gamers, who had previously reached the end of the game, have now returned because of PewDiePie’s effect.

With only one boss to go, the Ender-Dragon, time is running out, will Mojang be fast enough to create more content before this series gets to its final station?

To that and more stay tuned to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel!

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25 thoughts on “PewDiePie’s Minecraft Gameplays Take the Game Back to Life

  1. I love Pewds, lol. He got me into Minecraft. I never played it before, but finally, after years and years, I am playing it, and I am playing it, and I am playing it, and I can’t stop playing it. SEND HELP

  2. Poods got my friends into Minecraft, which is great because the week he started playing it i had to have a surgery. So after my surgery i got to watch pewds mess around. Best surgery I’ve had yet.

  3. We need more of pewd’s content, and also, bring back Pew News


    Seriously, it should be right on PewNews right now

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