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Wil Wheaton Calls PewDiePie Racist Bigot

Wil Wheaton attacked PewDiePie by calling him a racist piece of shit bigot.

Wil Wheaton is an American actor. He became popular for being a nerd, doing board games, etc. Then, he sort of dabble into politics. After he was recommended a PewDiePie fan-made group on Facebook, Wil Wheaton decided to post this:

Hi Facebook. On one hand, I’m heartened to discover that you know so little about me, your algorithms seem to think that I want to follow a racist, piece of shit a bigot [referring to PewDiePie]

On the other hand, f*** you for coming for recommending and providing a platform for this racist, piece of shit bigot.

Wil Wheaton on Facebook

Wil Wheaton continued shit posting:

To anyone who wants to, or feels a need to, defend this guy’s words and actions as “just being jokes”: please ask one of your non-white friends if they think it’s funny when someone uses racist language or racist tropes (…)

Wil Wheaton on Facebook

This is in placing that all PewDiePie’s unoriginal content is just filled with racial jokes and slurs. Obviously, that’s not the case. Felix Kjellberg has produced more than five thousand videos, everyone can prove whatever point in the world just by going through his library.

There were a few people defending Felix in the comments, claiming:

Maybe look into the guy a bit more. PieDiePie has donated more to even just India this year then maybe you have your whole life?

Nevermind record-breaking giving to charities, despite the fact that he makes crazy amount less than billionaires (…)

Matthew North on Facebook

Wil Wheaton replied to this comment with:

You know who else donates crazy amount of money to people who need it? People who aren’t raicists.

Wil Wheaton replying to Matthew North on Facebook

Here, on the PewNews headquarters, we are still trying to figure out the point Wil Wheaton was trying to make with this reply… We will update as soon as we find out a logical answer.

Although PewDiePie doesn’t list the charity work all his fan-base and him have achieved, the PewNews team brings up some of that work:

  • $600,000 to build wells in Africa
  • $342,000 towards saving children all across the world
  • $1,300,000 for (RED), which fights against AIDS
  • $250,000 towards helping kids in India

That is a total amount of 2,494,000 dollars worth of charity donations. Of course, charity work does not resolve your shortcomings or wrongdoings. However, constantly having all these negative fittings listed without acknowledging any of the positive just paints a bad picture of anyone.

I am not supposed to give my own personal opinion, BUT in my opinion anyone who is racist or who is a white-supremacist would not carry out any of those fundraising projects. It’s almost getting to the conspiracy level at this point, it is not like Felix Khailberg were secretly a Nazi…

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28 thoughts on “Wil Wheaton Calls PewDiePie Racist Bigot

  1. Felix is a bit right wing (his parents are loyal followers to “moderaterna” a Swedish right wing party) but he has never stated anything racist or sexist as many celebrities claim. This guy making up completely false claims about pewdiepie just want to hop on the political correct train so people will think he is “toleran” or “anti-racist” I bet this beta-male wouldn’t dare to talk to a real skinhead or KKK member.

  2. I’m not supposed to give my opinion BUT people like this shouldn’t comment on anyone who has more success then they ever will negatively.

  3. I find this whole rant of Wil’s to be hilarious. As you may know, Wil is somewhat of a recurring character on the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is known to make racist/offensive jokes about religions and races. This is just Wil trying to get attention from PewDiePie to boost his podcast or whatever it is.

  4. man this article just shows how hard wil wants attention. Not giving any true evidence and just blatantly calling him out. super funny after you read the comments and all the fun facts btw.

  5. I just get sadend when i read this. Not because it’s uninformative, have tendency or is misleading, rather because i get another insight on how people interpret pewdiepie by these “fake articles” without watching and judging pewdiepie based on his actual content. All i can hope is that we as a species acknowledge this kind of distortion in the future and avoid further misunderstandings.

  6. Will Weaton is Weasley crusher in Star Trek. He is known to be the youthful person. BUT.. his “mom”, the captain, and the bartender all told him to “shut up” because he was annoying. What I’m trying to say is he took his character into real life… (*´-`) (no hate Star Trek tng is an awesome tv show)

  7. Me: Shut up Wesley (referring to Wil Wheaton)!
    My Non-White Friends: Hey, come on, don’t use that language.
    Wesley: *Speaks condescendingly to non-white friends to gain SJW points.
    My Non-White Friends: Shut up Wesley!

  8. Got banned from him because i posted a “subscribe2pewdiepie” .gif under one of his Facebook posts! ^^
    10/10 would get banned again!

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