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Forbes Continues With More Alt-Right Associations

Once a harmless meme, or rather, a marketing campaign masked as a meme, “subscribe to PewDiePie” has twisted into a death cry, permanently appropriated by the alt-right

Dani Di Placido, Senior Contributor at Forbes

Dani Di Placido, Senior Contributor at Forbes, posted an article on March 31, 2019 titled What I Don’t Understand About PewDiePie. The article highlights again PewDiePie’s controversy with the Wall Street Journal.

I defended Kjellberg at the time, arguing that Kjellberg’s brand of childish humor was catering to his immature audience of “edgy” gamers, and that it was unfair to brand the man as something he clearly wasn’t.

Dani Di Placido

Although the author claims to “quite like Kjellberg” and claims that he has watched a number of his videos, the content of which “has improved as he’s matured“. However, Di Placido is still under the impression that this completely moronic connection to the alt-right and Felix’s “outright dismissal” of the issue is unsettling.

PewDiePie has actively denounced any connection to this kind of groups via his Twitter, but Di Placido has decided that is not enough to convince him. He calls for Kjellberg to use his YouTube channel and influence over a younger audience to actively distance himself from the group.

Why doesn’t Kjellberg question the fact that neo-Nazi website the sings his praises? That should be a cause for concern, to say the very least.

Dani Di Placido

It appears that Di Placido does not understand that bringing MORE media attention to these groups is the absolute wrong approach. If Di Placido actually watched PewDiePie’s videos, as he claims, he would know that Felix has already denounced all association with these groups multiple times and has distanced himself from the satirical nazi jokes since.

PewDiePie creates content for an active audience. An audience who understands him, his humor, his sarcasm and his authenticity. I am not supposed to have a personal opinion, BUT PewDiePie does not have an obligation to speak out about these types of issues. He should not have to make public statements disassociating himself with Alt-Right terrorists groups just because big media platforms or senior contributors at Forbes cannot seem to want to comprehend his content.

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  1. I don’t understand why they have to push these agendas forward with false claims no one listens to them anyway or at least 80% of US doesn’t

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