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Why are People Hating Captain Marvel and its Female Protagonist

Captain Marvel! this is news is one of those that you just can’t escape from. It’s been literally everywhere, recommended in all the feeds.

Rotten Tomatoes explains why it removed thousands of audience reviews on Captain Marvel’s opening day

Article by IGN

If you don’t know what happened here, the Captain Marvel audience review score on Rotten Tomatoes was at 33% and then, suddenly, a lot of reviews just disappeared and got deleted. Some people were estimating over 50,000 deleted reviews. At the moment, the review score it’s sitting at 55% approval ratio.

All those bad reviews where defined as ‘trolls’, so they were removed. So, if you’re a troll, then your opinion doesn’t count. That’s a good excuse to remove freedom of speech!

This annoys me on so many levels, because it reminds me of the goddamn Amy Schumer thing. Her Netflix special, which was one of the worst things I’ve ever watched, had 5% like ratio according to Google users. After the bad reviews, Netflix removed the 5 star rating system, which now makes it impossible to find something that you actually like.

Rotten Tomatoes said that it was a bug that removed 10,000 audience reviews. Sure. Are we expected to believe this?

Why was this film getting all those bad reviews in the first place? Considering how many Marvel films they’ve done at this point, it’s probably kind of hard to innovate. Personally, I think (I am not supposed to give my own opinion) a lot of people disliked this film because of the main actress, Brie Larson, who is probably one of the most unlikeable lead female characters I’ve seen in a long time.

Interviewer: what does it mean to be a woman in film?

Brie Larson: it means it’s really hard… and if you’re a woman of color, then it’s really, really hard

Imagine being attractive and be paid millions and then going “it is so hard”. What’s ironic about this whole situation about reviews getting removed is that Brie Larson, herself, in the past, expressed that she doesn’t like the way the system of reviews is done because a movie that she did, A Wrinkle In Time, got bad reviews. Her response to that was that it wasn’t made for you, 67% of white men are making these reviews and that’s why it got bad reviews.

They’ve released findings that 67% of the top critics reviewing the 100 highest grossing movies in 2017 were white males. Less than a quarter were white women and less than 10% were unrepresented men. Only 2.5% of those top critics were women of color

Brie Larson

It’s important to know the fact here that Brie Larson doesn’t hate white men.

…and I’m also saying I don’t hate white dudes! (…) Am I saying that I hate white dudes? No… I’m not. (…) and for the 3rd time, I don’t hate white dudes!

Brie Larson

Whether you agree with her or not, I think her politics is what muddled people’s opinion about her. I think what annoys me most out of all this is the straw-manning of if you didn’t like this film, then that means you’re a troll or that you don’t like seeing strong female characters. I stumbled upon this footage:

There are people who get very bent out of shape about the fact that she’s a woman (Brie) and wants to see women moving into an equal place in humanity to men. Sad. It must be sad to be that kind of dinosaur wandering toward the tar pits.

No one cares. No one is making this argument that people don’t want equality or seeing strong female characters.

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50 thoughts on “Why are People Hating Captain Marvel and its Female Protagonist

  1. It makes me angry, that some people that really need help in this society just don’t get noticed cause playing victim is part of the pop culture now

    1. We all know Disney paid Rotten Tomatoes to delete the reviews. None of this wouldn’t of happened if Bri Larson didn’t open her mouth.

  2. As much as I like Marvel, I knew this film was gonna tank when the actress was revealed. She is 100% trash, and it’s not because she’s a WAMEN it’s because she’s so entitled that she expects everything she does to be universally loved. When it isn’t, it’s S E X I S M

    1. Yeah, and it really tanked… What she said was: “67% of movie critics are white males but in society only 30% are white males.” The percentages she gives are correct. Her political opinions have been blown up into a bullsh*t discussion about her being ‘entitled’. Whether or not you like her call for more diversity, you should judge the movie independently from that. And 33% are definitely not what a standard quality Marvel movie like Captain Marvel should get (The awful Iron Man sequels have 70+%). And especially the high box office is weird when looking at the approval rating on rotten tomatoes.

      1. The problem isn’t whether they are correct. The problem is that she states the current proportional composition of the field as though it is a direct result of a conscious effort to maintain the current proportions. It isn’t. And unless someone who is decidedly not-white is trying to get a job as a film critic and can’t because white power, then I don’t see how it’s automatically a problem. Nor do I see how anyone who is not theirself afflicted with some sort of racial and gender bias–politic or not–would automatically perceive it to be a problem.

        JBP likes to bring up the fact that bricklayers are 99% male. Should we idiotically do something about that, or is it fine?

        It’s probably fine.

        1. “About a year ago, I started paying attention to what my press days looked like and the critics reviewing movies, and noticed it appeared to be overwhelmingly white male.

          So, I spoke to Dr Stacy Smith at the USC Annenberg Inclusion Iniative, who put together a study to confirm that.

          Moving forward, I decided to make sure my press days were more inclusive.

          After speaking with you [Keah Brown, journalist; a woman of colour with cerebral palsy], the film critic Valerie Complex and a few other women of colour, it sounded like across the board they weren’t getting the same opportunities as others.”

          That are the quotes so that it is in a bit more context. I don’t see how you drew your conclusions but maybe consider these quotes as part of the overall context of what she was saying. She talked to women of colour and they told her they were discriminated against. It’s not like she made anything up there or alleged things that weren’t based on facts or things witnesses told her.

          1. You’re saying that she is an honest person and that she says what she does because she thinks it’s right, and she has some kind of evidence which she believes proves her case.

            That is fair enough, but I know that you cannot know that for sure. Just as I am aware that I cannot know that she is saying what she is saying merely because she is swept up in some activist nonsense among people who want power first. But even though we can’t know what she’s actually thinking, I can still think about why she thinks [what she says she thinks].

            To that end, I looked up the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and upon an admittedly cursory inspection, it doesn’t appear to me to be the kind of organization I would trust with producing a study. Maybe what I saw was one-off, but I unscientific-gut-feeling doubt it.

            They publish “reports” but the reports seem useless. For example, in their latest report about the music industry, they printed naked statistics, like the fact that 98% of music producers are male, and then they tell you that this is due to “creative constraints” and that women were “pushed aside”. (

            Nevermind the fact that they were using a questionable sample, just leave that aside. Even if the sample was on target and large enough, they simply don’t do the work that you would need to do to really understand that number. They just assume that it would be 50% women if women weren’t being forcibly exluded. So we “know” that men outnumber women 47 to 1, but we have only their unsupported claim as to why.

            97% of dental hygienists are women ( Someone with an axe to grind could just as easily propose the explanation that it’s because men trying to enter the field are “pushed aside”. But lacking further data to support that claim, there is only the bare statistic, which is not self-explanatory at all.

            Again, I am not doubting the numbers– that the people involved actually did the math that they said they did–that’s fine, we can take it at face value for sake of argument. But even then, it’s not good enough to actually make any conclusions. It isn’t even enough for a hypothesis, really– but then, given that they DO have a hypothesis, they should have then TESTED the hypothesis. They didn’t.

            I understand she met and talked with the people you mentioned as well, but those are anecdotal first-hand testimony, and while it isn’t my wish to cheapen or minimize anyone’s troubles, it is nonetheless the lowest form of scientific evidence.

            Moreover, it seems to me that if all she did was torture a crummy statistic into meaning that white men are mean, then we wouldn’t even be talking about this because that’s basically just hollywood for you. But she was actually talking about forcing people out of her press tours on the basis of their race and gender….which are things we’re born with. And which therefore aren’t our fault. And which we presumably shouldn’t we judged for, since it seems to work out best when we judge people for who they are, and not for characteristics they were born with.

          2. @Vaedred Yeah, I know that you can see things different but her logic isn’t “White man are mean.” She just means “If more people of colour and women would critique movies, you would get a better reflection of what society thinks about the movies.” And for a movie and it’s marketing it is better the more people you reach. But if the critics say: “This movie is not good.” people who might like the movie because they have a different view on it than critics could be turned away. It was the same with black panther: I heard Ben Shapiro crying about it and that it was all about identity politics. No, it is a movie that gives black people more reasons to like it than white people. What annoys me is that people always want to see an evil SJW movement behind it and think that she is making bad faith arguments.
            Or another thing: “Imagine being attractive and be paid millions and then going “it is so hard””. This Pewdiepie quote is just dumb. She isn’t talking about herself, she is trying to help women who are less successful than her, how can you take issue with that? For example: Just because women should be paid more in Hollywood it doesn’t mean men should get less. The win of someone doesn’t have to be the loss of someone else.

  3. It is so annoying that as soon as people dislike something in modern media they are degraded to either homophobes, female-haters, kkk, white supremacists, trolls ect.

    Maybe, just maybe, people disliked Captain Marvel and Black Panther because those movies are garbage? And that has nothing to do with the race or sex of the actors. Those movies were bad, even by Marvel-Movie standards. (But Marvel-Movies are a different topic).

    As Zomobzi said, it is very sad, that people who are actually discriminated against, maybe even shunned and beaten to death by mindless and actual haters do not get attention. Those people, like openly homosexuals, confident trans people or proud minorities get totally laughed at because of the way the LBQT-whatever movement has totally derailed and causes now more hate than ever towards themselves in a way that the whole idea of LBQT-whatever now has been totally lost. Instead we have now trending genders and gender-studies and a whole bunch of nonsense that even the OG LBQT-whatever members are kinda ashamed of.

    In the same way, actual criticism or a show of disliking is now considered a very hatefull thing to do. Everybody gets offended by everything and everybody. Imagine OG XBox livechat with the situation we have now. The world would burst into flames. And the whole “being offended” has come to a point where people tend to do absolutely nothing and to not share their opinions at all, because “uhhh that controversial” and “uhm i think thats not politically correct”. And the few peole who express their opinion are burned on the stakes or thrown in jail (Turkey), while the only way to express actual opinions right now is through #EdgyMemes . And that is very sad.

    1. I actually agree with you on that. When black panther came out people were all excited, but it was complete TRASH. Not to mention that now people are actually going around telling me “Wakanda for life” because I’m African. I don’t actually have an accent either so when people come up to me they come up to me with the intention of trying to be funny of the thought process that “Oh, she’s black so she probably likes Black Panther.” I was disappointed with the way the movie was advertised and how the main character himself was making a fake African accent. It bothers me when people pretend to like that movie because they feel if they don’t they’re being racist.

      1. I liked black panther in my opinion. I know i’m not supposed to give my opinion but……. Captain Marvel was trash and Brie Larson is 10x worse.

  4. the film itself was actually pretty good, not great just good. But the Politics that get pushed through the actors off stage makes me want to dislike the movies those actors are in

    1. I definitely agree with this. People will go on tangents about the people and what they say, but the movie is a hero movie. It is about how a character forms into the superpower they are. The seeds of feminism and anti-semitism may show through the seems, but it is still an enjoyable film regardless. I am not condoning the characters individually to go around and go hating on us “white dudes”, but enjoy the movie and go on. (you should watch it if you haven’t, very funny!)

  5. Recently giving your opinion has been a dangerous move since you could be labeled as homophobe, racist and other various names.

  6. i didn’t like the movie, not because I’m a hater or I’m an anti-feminist or anything like that, I just thought it was lazy and lame

  7. The film is bad not because of the actress, her performance was great in my opinion, but the whole plot, storytelling and a stupid plot twist like with Mandarin from Iron Man 3 where Mandarin wasn’t actually a villain, yeah i’m talking about Skrulls. They are always were villains, but they changed it and it’s very bad.

  8. Yeah feminists are making actual victims of discrimination look bad. If everyone is a victim, nobody is special.

  9. this site is the best thing ever made and i shall protect it with my life! 9 years old, ASSEMBLE!

    *avengers Theme on the background*

  10. Captain Marvel really came out of nowhere! how was it even linked to ANYTHING before in the marvel universe??? even thanos appeared a couple of time before iw!

  11. this is the kind of thing that makes me ashamed of saying “yeah im a feminist and i support woman’s rights” because this is the type of feminism the world is seeing

  12. Hmm… so if I dislike a shitty movie with a ‘strong female lead’ I am suddenly sexist? Calm down ma’am, I haven’t increased your wage-gap or anything. That’s what you’re worried about, yeah?

    1. There is just few instances of feminism in the movie. It is not that bad. Its a fun movie.
      It isn’t trash, but not the best.

  13. personally I loved the movie. when I was watching I forgot all the bad press on brie.
    its was a cool movie overall and I enjoyed the plot.
    I was a bit jugdy on the movie (only slightly) because it was a prequal so it added nothing new to the future of the marvel universe but honestly I have to say great movie overall!

  14. I saw the movie and it freaking sucked. Im a whamen, but honestly, a bad movie is evident whether you’re white or black and regardless of your gender. Its true that girls tend to like romace more than men and men like action more then women, so why is it surprising that more men watched it than whamen? Either way, it sucked, and so did her acting

  15. I really love the film Captain Marvel. It’s amazing especially the cat Goose. It’s REALLY HARD to be an actress. Damn!

  16. So you like jazz? dude don’t get triggered man i’m just wondering.
    I haven’t watched captain marvel so I cant say anything about that but I didn’t like black panther because it was a bad movie, it was boring and uncreative.

  17. I personally really enjoyed the movie i think that it was alright as a male i dont mind the fact of feminism in the movie im glad that she is stepping up honestly

  18. I am now going to come to this channel for all my news. I am tired of all the trash out there. Thank you to whoever made this. You have a new follower

  19. thank you so much for making this amazing news website i now can use it at school without it being blocked god bless pewnews

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