PewDiePie promotes IV Reich

PewDiePie Promotes IV Reich

Vox went ahead and published two articles about PewDiePie (I’m so sick of this guy). Vox owns The Verge, which means that this is the third article in a week that they post smearing him as an anti-Semite and now, white supremacist.

PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube.

Let’s read some more headlines to investigate, because that’s the best way in the world to get your facts…

PewDiePie promotes Nazi propaganda. YouTube star PewDiePie emotes channel with anti-Semitic content. PewDiePie’s shout-out to hateful anti-Semitic YouTube channel…

Here’s what I actually said in my shout out video:

E;R, who does great video essays about Death Note which I really really enjoyed.

What actually happened? I was getting so many subscribers that I thought it would be nice for me to shout out smaller channels. It was at the end of the video and I shouted out 28 channels (this was clearly my mistake). One of them featured Nazi imagery and jokes and that’s why I decided to remove him from the list. I think most people would be pretty sensible about a mistake like this, keeping all these things in mind, but that’s not the case.

This led to an absolute barrage on Twitter, I don’t think I’ve gotten this much attention on Twitter since The Wall Street Journal thing. They must have really thought they had me this time, there were people making these insane claims about me saying that I was shepherding legions of 14-year-old to neo-Nazi content. This developer from Ubisoft said:

Enough is enough, gaming industry, I’m going to need you to send this dude (…) Cut ties with him… NOW

Apparently, she removed that she’s working for Ubisoft after this so…

I responded in my first video saying that I didn’t know these references and I’ll delete him from the recommendations, that’s pretty much all I can do at this point.

However, the number one argument that I’ve seen being thrown around constantly on Twitter is this (I am going to use Huffington Post as an example):

PewDiePie’s Excuse For Promoting Racist YouTube Content Includes More Racist Content

A Twitter user also posted:

The video that he recommended had jokes about Heather Heyer’s death in it and makes fun of an autistic black guy (…)

I don’t know who this is, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful. The Verge wrote this as well as saying that there was aerial footage of the moment when a car drove through the crowd of people during the white supremacist-led “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last year.

Obviously, I didn’t know about this footage. I think most people outside of the United States don’t know about it. I tested it out on a couple people, just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but no one know about this footage. E;R put it in there as a joke, it’s an extremely edgy and inappropriate joke and I would not have publicly recommended this video if I knew about it.

The second argument was that, in the description of the video, there was a racist edgy joke in it. How could I have been so stupid, the thing that everyone checks constantly! These two facts is what most people have been using as evidence against me.

Looking at the Vox article, because it’s hilarious, they cannot even get my name right (PieDiePie, PewDiePew). The Vox talked in this article about my alliance with the alt-right. This is something I’ve been accused of before and have said no that’s not true.

They mentioned “alt-right” 29 times in this article, almost like they’re obsessed with these things. According to Vox, the evidence that ties me to the alt-right is that I reviewed Jordan Peterson’s self-help book. First of all, Jordan Peterson is not alt-right, he’s another figure that the media doesn’t like so they label him as alt-right as a way to discredit him. He has repeatedly disassociated himself with all alt-right personalities. Second of all, reviewing a book doesn’t mean anything, it’s the least controversial thing I’ve read.

The second argument that Vox had is that I follow people on Twitter that they deem alt-right, such as: Ben Shapiro and Laci Green (you remember her sex educational videos with deep Nazi imagery), among others.

According to Vox, being followed by PewDiePie means you’re alt-right.

What if I follow Vox? Does that mean Vox is alt-right?

Apparently the journalist of this article went to Twitter and wrote:

As an addendum to my two recent articles on the potential for serious extremist radicalization that PewDiePie and his 76 million followers represent on YouTube, a kind reader pointed out this recording of a stream in which PewDiePie plays Pavlov with a player.

It is this guy with the parody of a Jew image and a Jew-mocking name.

But whether or not he knew, he apparently hangs out in gaming communities where it’s possible to game with people using anti-Semitic slurs and *avatars*.

It’s a public video game and I didn’t even interact with this guy. I’ve even seen this clip a hundred times I didn’t even notice the guy’s name. I think it’s such a great example of me being painted as an anti-Semite and being painted as a Nazi when all I’m doing is playing video games, having fun. This whole thing is this a giant guilty by association. Just because you interact with someone online, doesn’t mean you endorse all of their views, that’s such an incredibly stupid thing to think.

I wanted to take a look at the bigger picture. This controversy has more or less passed at this point, so what were the effects the main thing? It was irresponsible for me to recommend this channel and I can understand that argument, but people saying that I was shepherding legions of 14-year-olds towards neo-Nazi content is just blatantly not true. However, when the media came into the picture and mentioned E;R in every single article, he got 14k subscribers. E;R should really thank the media for giving him a bigger shout-out than I did. It’s obvious that they know how this works, but people don’t care. They just want to be outraged and get clicks online, and it’s the same thing with these articles.

Finally, I wanted to end on notes about why I think Vox is going after me. It’s not me saying that this is concrete evidence. I definitely have made mistakes and I deserve to be criticized when I mess up, but I think part of the reason is that I have more influence than a lot of media. That’s not me flexing, that’s a fact and they hate that. The Wall Street Journal posted earlier this year:

Vox Media On Pace to Miss Revenue Target as Digital Advertising Disappoints

The expected Vox media shortfall is another sign that the digital media industry is struggling to adapt to the reality that online ad growth is becoming harder to come by especially as tech firms such as Facebook, Google and Amazon corner of the market are one concern for Vox media much like other digital firms is that revenue from sponsored content isn’t growing as fast as it once did.

Ever since the year 2000, newspaper advertising revenue in the USA has just completely plummeted. 50 years of progress completely went out the window. According to the Guardian:

It’s estimated that every dollar spent on advertising in the Western world, 90% goes to Google and Facebook.

I think Vox’s headlines make a lot more sense keeping these things in mind. A lot of people point to my controversies at stunts as something that I deliberately do to boost myself and my brand to get more subscribers. The reason why, despite all my controversies, I’m still so popular is because my fans know who I am. The people who actually know my videos and know me, know that all these things that people say in the media just aren’t true. When I have made mistakes in the past, I’ve apologized and moved forward from it. There is no need to at the world with the insane lens that everyone is an enemy that needs to be publicly destroyed.

Doing this kind of articles as a news outlet, you are losing your credibility because people know this isn’t true. Vox doesn’t allow comments on their articles, I wonder why. If you go on Twitter and check the replies, the response is pretty unanimous, even coming from people that are fans of Vox:

As a left winger and fan of many Vox production, I’ve become every time more disappointed with articles about PewDiePie’s ties to be alt-right, it’s just thin connections being extrapolated over and over again.

This isn’t me picking one, if you go through, that is the general consensus from these articles. The more the mainstream media talks about me, the more I just gain from it. That’s not me benefiting from controversies, it is because people know these are smear campaigns and they are tired of it. People can’t stand these articles anymore.

I’m going to rate Vox Media a zero.

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  1. I want to point out, this is an amazing (and not to post my own opinion but hilarious too) this app truly is the most trusted news source on the internet, keep it up to date with new articles, I know this is long winded and I’m not giving a true opinion but this app is amazing
    – 9 year old from Australia

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