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James Charles Called Out as a “Wanker”

James Charles is in the news again. What the James Charles do this time?He tweeted a picure saying:

What’s your favorite step of your makeup routine? Mine are eyeshadow and baking solely, because I love how it looks LMFAO

Then some random guy posted this tweet saying:

Absolute wanker. What an f*** wanker. AF

So, another guy posted to this guy another photo of James Charles with pink long hair. The random guy replied:

She could have it, fella. Nothing wrong with pink hair. Would smash after a few pints. AF

A lot of people were quick to point out to this gentleman that “she” was actually James Charles. This got retweeted everywhere and it got a lot of attention. Twitter people started reposting it to really kill this guy and he posted this:

If this isn’t removed in 48 hours, you’re in massive trouble. Bods haven’t stopped taken piss out of me for this. Calling me gay. Bent. Tranny shagger. Really starting to piss me off. Delete or consequences AF

This AF man Decided to make an official statement. You might want to grab a tissue. This is very sad.

On the 18th of January. I was the victim of large-scale deception and fraud. A man masquerading as a woman managed to fool me into stating I should shag him. This is shaking me to my core. Been feeling sick. Upset. Angry. Now, I can’t show my face in public without receiving comments and speculation on my sexuality. This has to stop this has to stop immediately.

I would NEVER shagged a bloke. James Charles should be in prison for fraud. I am the victim victim of a hoax designed to bring my sexuality into question. Anyone taking the piss of me It’s getting reported to Twitter. No warnings. No second chances. This incident has left me scared to walk to women in case they are transgender. Sickening. I am the victim here.

Signed: Azac Fever

He then started threatening James Charles indirectly because people pointed out that he was Birmingham at that time.

James Charles should watch his back

AF guy

He got deleted on Twitter because people reported him. This is pretty terrible behavior. However, he’s clearly not the smartest individual.

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    1. i know im not supposed to give my opinion but, some people just dont know how to respond properly to a unique situation

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