J.K Rowling makes Dumbledore get in the closet

J.K Rowling Makes Dumbledore Gay

J.K. Rowling responds to gay Dumbledore Controversy

J.K Rowling, the wonderful author who didn’t take a second before calling PewDiePie out publicly for being a fascist (thank you J.K).

Basically, what happened was that J.K. Rowling, the queen of afterthought, after writing seven books, thought that it would be nice that Dumbledore, without any hint in any of the seven books and one of the main characters, was a homosexual. A nice little afterthought.

And you know why? Because they’re no different. That is how genius J.K. Rowling is: they are no different from heterosexual people. That’s why she didn’t even have to write it. However, she will take all the glory for being so forward thinking.

Now that the new movies are coming out about Dumbledore’s past, his previous character as young, it was exposed that none of that will be shown. Dumbledore will in fact not be displaying that he is into boys.

J.K. Rowling sort of responded to people’s criticism about this. People weren’t too happy. Kind of calling her out for hypocrisy. They asked ‘Hey, I thought you said that he was a homosexual character? Then why isn’t he all of a sudden?‘ and J.K responded with ‘I’m going to mute you‘. That is how you should respond to criticism.

J.K. Rowling, which of course, also so progressively thought that Hermione was actually black, as clearly all over her seven books displayed…

Here’s a tragic case of me actually agreeing with Polygon:

Fantastic Beasts sequel needs to show Dumbledore’s sexuality, not just hint at it

I have not watched Harry Potter or read the books, but I know that there is magic in it. However, a man publicly displaying his sexuality, it looks like that is too far.

J.K. Rowling is a lost billionaire woman who can’t face criticism. Nothing new here.

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16 thoughts on “J.K Rowling Makes Dumbledore Gay

  1. I used to love J.K, before I heard that she called Pewds a fascist. Now I realize that even though her books are great, she as a person is dumb and arrogant!

    1. Jk Rowling keeps on adding last minute things. For example Now all of a sudden hermione is acually dark skinned even though all the original covers and the movie she is clearly light skinned so that’s one thing I don’t like. Her books are good but she shouldn’t add last minute things

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