batman returns

Batman Returns

Last week PewDiePie did a video on Goose Wayne, who appeared on Dr Phil:

I look for people that are breaking the law and I try to bring them to justice.

Goose Wayne

Now, it turns out that Goose Wayne has responded in the most epic way:

I’m a supporter now. I’ll protect you when you come to Florida. I have never subscribed to anybody before, but I liked the video. However, I thought the editing could have been better. You’re the first person I am subscribed to.

Thank you Goose Wayne, very cool (on behalf of PewDiePie, of course).
Everyone’s been tweeting “The editing could have been better” to Brad and he left a response.

I cannot imagine caring about anything less and also Sive edited the video. So y’all can stop asking me this now.


In the video, he literally has porn open on Chrome… maybe he’s half trolling I don’t know, but I do know for a fact that I’m very proud of the community for being so nice and supportive with Goose Wayne. There were some really constructive comments.

I was also genuinely concerned, because I wasn’t sure if he was real. However, he tweeted that he had gone on his first date in two months with his fiancee with no masks and eye paint. He also wrote “it’s no longer Felix, its Dr. Felix”. He said that he read a lot of messages, he was inspired by them and I really helped him.

He also made a video with his fiancee. So, I’m glad they’re still together and it was very sweet. I think that’s it seemed like a positive development and I’m happy to see it.

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