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A Simple Nice Comment About PewDiePie

There was this comment on a Verge article by a user named General Novirius. It summarized things pretty well.

I had not watched a single video until The Verge began publishing multiple articles about him [PewDiePie]. I was initially under the impression that his videos would turn out similar to the horrific Alex Jones show. However, after watching a few videos, I found them to be less sensational than described in various articles. It’s incredibly obvious to anyone with a brain that these interjections aren’t supporting racism and are, instead, taking cracks at Vox media for labeling him as a racist.

When I looked back on the past evidence against him, it honestly said more about the poor journalism surrounding the situation than it did of his behavior. For example, he recommended an anime reviewer’s channel, along with other channels, because he liked one of their anime reviews. That channel happened to have pro-white supremacy videos buried in his history. Was that really a “secret plan” to subscribe kids to Nazi ideals? Obviously not! It seemed like an obvious and understandable oversight. No one with a life goes through every single video of a channel before recommending it. (…)

The other accusation against him, regarding fiverr comes off as a big mistake on his, but I also understand why PewDiePie felt it was a good way to highlight his point. His point being that people on fiverr will go to extreme lengths to provide a service, even if it means acting immorally. In response to these issues, he issued an apology and deleted the content, something you have to twist tech company’s arm to get.

Yet, the issue seems to arise every time his channel is listed in article. I’m probably a good example of how frequently it’s mentioned because I had no interest in YouTube culture, but checked it out because it was mentioned so often I wondered how someone so supposedly racists and carefree could generate so many subscribers. As it turned out, the articles were deceptive and sensationalist to my disappointment.

General Novirius commenting on The Verge

What if General Novirius has a blue shirt?

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34 thoughts on “A Simple Nice Comment About PewDiePie

  1. This Article is absolutely perfect. The idiots who made the petition to ban PewDiePie should see this. They need to.

  2. I swear to God, instead of voting to ban pewds how about we vote to ban all of the bad journalist! (vox and several othere)

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