PewDiePie attacks again

PewDiePie Attacks YouTuber Lilly Singh

PewDiePie attacks Lilly Singh’s YouTube vlog about her mental health.

This was written by The Daily Dot. I especially love this part that says:

It’s not the first time he’s criticized a female, YouTuber or streamer (…) He blasted Twitch star Alinity.

The correct way to phrase this is: “It’s the first time he criticized a female YouTuber.” “He also criticized a female streamer.” It’s like they desperately want it to seem like I (PewDiePie) am attacking girls. It’s RIDICULOUS.

Basically, what happened was Lilly Singh uploaded a video where she said she was going to go on a break and I criticized it saying “Well you’re not really taking a break if you focus on making a video about it.“. Anyway, let me phrase it a bit better in case I didn’t last time. To be clear, I think it’s great that Lilly decided to take a break. The reason why I’m annoyed is that the climate on YouTube is like “YouTube is so hard for YouTubers and everyone is just so down”. We’ve seen a ton of these types of articles coming out in the media, so this message is becoming more and more reinforced. Even when Marzia quit YouTube, that was the message that was spread throughout certain media. Even though that wasn’t the reason at all that. It was not because it is hard to be a YouTuber, it was because she just didn’t want to do it anymore.

The reason why I criticized Lilly was because I made the same mistake. I also made a video where I said I was going on a break. It was during one of the toughest times in my YouTube career and I was at a breaking point. I wish I just taken a break (maybe tweet about it) and left it at that. If you announce that you’re taking a break as a YouTuber, because you’re burned out on YouTube or whatever the reason is, you are still putting YouTube first and that’s not fixing the problem.

Lilly says in the video that it’s not clickbait, which means she knows it’s click-worthy. She knows it’s going to get views. She also affirms that she’s not trying to get on trending, which means that she knows it possibly would get on trending. She also talked about upcoming merch “I do a lot of social good work, I love focusing on girl love, I have merch coming out“. She says that she wants her mental health to come first, too.
“Why do I want to take a break, there’s many reasons: first and foremost my mental health.”

Based on what I hear in this video, I just don’t think she’s doing that. Seeing how this video gets pulled by the media and gets talked about in the media makes me feel worried. More people are going to do the same thing and fall in the same trap. If she really wants to feel better, I wish her the best. It’s like expecting to solve your addiction by doing more of it.

You’re rewarded for constantly uploading on YouTube as frequently as possible. Obviously, people are going to get burned out at some point. Because you know someone else is going to take that spot and fill it instead of you if you stop uploading, that is why there is a lot of fear of taking a break.


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  1. That’s a major oof right there, maybe even a double oof, perhaps even a tripl- no. no too far. im sorry bros.

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