Jesus Christ needs your help

Jesus Christ Needs Your Help

Jesus Christ needs your help. That’s something I never thought I would say. He was involved during the Fiverr scandal and he does the Fiverr announcement things, where you can pay him to say stuff. He has also been very supportive of my (PewDiePie) channel.

Now, Jesus drops the character, apparently his real name is Jesus H. Christ, and he mentions that he was grown up in a cult:

I was raised in a highly controlled religious group, some people call it a cult. It was because of YouTube that I was able to learn the truth about the organization that I had dedicated my life to…

Jesus mentions that he is losing custody of his children and that he needs your help to be able to pay for his lawyer. It’s a very heartfelt heartbreaking video:

…and I can’t keep up with expenses anymore, then this is my only hope from losing my kids. My lawyer thinks this is my best chance and I agree. However, it’s very expensive and I can’t keep up with expenses anymore I’m desperate I really need your help. I’ve set up a Patreon and there’s a link in the description below and if you want to support me you can do so for free by subscribing, liking this video and sharing it with others.

Jesus has always been nice to me, he’s always had my back (that sounds so weird). I wanted to repay the favor and link to his Patreon, if you want to donate and help him out.

Jesus has always had our backs, it’s time for us to have Jesus’ back back.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Needs Your Help

  1. Since Jesus taught we are all God’s children, does this mean we all have to leave Earth? Gloria Borger, if we get 10,000 likes can you investigate into spaceships to get us off Earth? Thanks.

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