Poppy Harlow crushes BetterHelp

If BetterHelp Was a Scam

This is a continuation from a previous article where we talk about BetterHelp.

Since then, BetterHelp has removed all their video testimonies from their website. Which I thought was interesting, but I don’t think it really matters. There was this whole thing about “Julian says“, which was clearly just a guy hired to say the testimony. His response:

You know, I haven’t really done anything wrong here. Yeah, it’s embarrassing and I agree. I do have a really creepy smile at the end.

BetterHelp made a response to all these allegations the same day I recorded my video. That’s why I never got a chance to talk about it. Let’s go through a response written by the CEO of BetterHelp on Medium.

They basically talk about how great BetterHelp is and how very few companies can truly say that their value is to enable a better life. They bring up all the drama, referring to it as a virtual fight between Keemstar and another YouTuber host who has several million followers, sort of pivoting it as this was all a reaction to drama people. They also go on to say that they have a long process of verifying their therapist and they can assure that their therapists are legit. However, their Terms of Service clearly stated completely differently and they basically said it was up to you to determine whether you were talking to an actual therapist or not. They also bring up all these conspiracy theory allegations. There were a lot of weird conspiracies going on trying to uncover BetterHelp. They finish off with the ultimate level of smugness, saying that ironically over this interesting week they had a record number of new members who signed up. Congratulations BetterHelp.

So, they don’t care. However, they didn’t address why do they market that they cost $65 per week, but they still charge monthly. Why do you need to you see sort of learning business methods to get people to sign up for your subscription? Why cannot you just say the amount that you will charge you? Why cannot you just be honest and clear about that why this level of deception involved second? Why do you mark it still here as a replacement for in-office counseling? Well, in their Terms of Service, they still say that it is not a complete substitute for face-to-face examination.

So, I think what a lot of people wanted to know is: is BetterHelp a scam? I watched this video from YouTuber Law, which was really interesting. He basically says that, if you want to scan people, this is like the worst business model. He thinks that their Terms of Service were just extremely poorly written and most likely just copied and pasted in order to save money. So, while legally it might not be a scam, they certainly have a lot of questionable things about them.

To be honest, I think it’s entirely possible that they have good intentions. However, the difference between what they are marketing and their Terms of Service shows that they’re very irresponsible. I’m not personally against a companies like BetterHelp existing. What is very concerning is the fact that YouTubers are promoting this getting $200 per sign up. Maybe that’s a personal thing, because I hate referrals. I understand that they are a common practice in in business and even therapy. However, I think it’s completely different because they have $200 per fans with mental health issues or struggling with mental health. I don’t like it. But, like I said in the video at that time, I don’t think these YouTubers knew what they were promoting. This clearly led to a lot of drama and controversies, but I think this is a good lesson for everyone. Look more carefully into what you’re promoting to your fans, especially if you are paid per person using that product. That being said, check out my new merch everybody!


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