Wall Street Journal apologizes to PewDiePie

Wall Street Journal Apologizes to PewDiePie

WSJ did an oopsie! Wall Street Journal apologized to PewDiePie!

This was featured on Wall Street Journal’s website:

Wall Street Journal Public Apology to PewDiePie

I’m not supposed to give my own opinion, here on Pew News, but this is very nice. Wall Street Journal, which over a year ago featured PewDiePie, through clever editing and out of context cuts, play as a Nazi. Now Wall Street Journal have finally decided to apologize (I guess Christmas just brings out the best in people).

Wall Street Journal would like to apologize to PewDiePie due to misrepresentation by our journalists, those of whom have now been fired.

They finally realize that their own reporters are complete hypocrites and they’ve said things that seem irrefutably anti-Semitic such as:

My hard-on is purely for the Nazis

By the way, Vox also edited their third article. They changed the title from white-supremacist to an amplified anti-Semitic rhetoric

So, what happened with the Wall Street Journal? Basically, Wall Street Journal site was hacked. First we had, the printer hacking, then the printer hacking happened again, just three days ago (PewDiePie printers hackers strike again) and now we have this WSJ page hack.

My printer just told me I need to subscribe to PewDiePie, but I’m already subscribed!

Basically, this article somehow appeared on The Wall Street Journal’s website. I have no idea how they achieved this, but big props to whoever pull this: it is hilarious. They were very quick to delete this and the Wall Street Journal issued a response saying that the page affected was not affiliated with the journals newsroom.

I’m not supposed to get my opinion, but I think this is Oracle, which is their paid program, like a branch off of Wall Street Journal’s website. Here they run articles that seems like they are articles, but they’re really just sponsored posts.

Now, at 77 million PewDiePie subscribers, there’s really never a dull moment this month. This video came out on Twitter, and has 13,000 retweets:

Our history teacher told us that by supporting , we are supporting anti-Semitism, racism, ignorance, etc. He also said that is a very reputable news source. How ignorant can you get? The political arguments are more and more ironic daily.

The direct quote from the teacher as spoken in the video is:

(…) Every time you retweet one of these things or every time you promote this idea, you are promoting ignorance, racism, genocide, anti-Semitism.. these are all things that you are putting forward when you are doing anything that promotes PewDiePie… so be careful about this. If someone decided to… if something were to happen and PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit. If you retweeted, they can make you pay a fine as well, because you have officially published anti-Semitic things. So if you are republishing this stuff, you could get in trouble for it. Be very aware that that is a real thing.

It blows my mind that a teacher, speaking as a voice of authority over kids, talks in this very strict tone about things that are just plainly not true. Honestly this is all the context I have for it, so it’s kind of hard to judge what why this discussion was prompt and why this teacher felt like this was necessary. This just really shows you the effect of these kind of articles.

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