The world is so mad over the grey avatar guy

The World is So Mad Over the Grey Avatar Guy

BBC trending: Why has Twitter banned 1500 accounts and what are NPCs?

You have probably seen this meme. It’s been practically everywhere. I have been debating whether to show this on PEWNEWS or MEME REVIEW. Me (Poppy Harlow) and PewDiePie have been discussing this, but I feel very passionate about this story.

All started from a post online saying:

I have a theory that there are only a fixed quantity of souls on planet Earth that cycles continuously through reincarnation. However, since the human growth rate is so severe, the soulless extra walking flesh piles around us as NPCs or ultimate **** who are autonomously follow group things and social trends in order to repair convincingly human. I call these people NPCs because when you talk to them, they just say the same **** every time: “TRUMP IS ****”, “JUST BE YOURSELF”, “SPORTSBALL”, “THE NEW ADELE SONG XD OMG”. If you get in a discussion with them, it’s always the same buzzwords. (…)

I love this, because from a spiritual or philosophical standpoint, it makes 100% sense. Thank you very much. We are PEWNEWS, we report on the facts, the truth and nothing but the truth.

A lot of people had a problem with this meme, which it just makes it even funnier. The fact that people actually care about this stupid meme blows my min. I think that’s the main reason why it’s funny. If no one cared about this meme, it wouldn’t be funny.

Unfortunately, this golden meme has gotten tainted by politics: you have left and right basically saying: —You’re an NPC. —No, you’re an NPC. Even the New York Times is reporting on this: what is the NPC, the Pro-Trump Internet’s favorite insult?

2018 everybody… The New York Times even asking themselves: aren’t you giving these trolls attention? Yes, you are 100% giving these people more power by talking about it, but they cannot help themselves.


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