The Shorty Awards chill

PewDiePie Wins a Shorty Award

The Shorty Awards, the most respected award show of all time.

PewDiePie won a Shorty Award! It broke in the mail; I’m sorry, Shorty Awards. Maybe you shouldn’t send a piece of glass in the mail.

People were mad at how badly the nominations were. For example: the “meme parody account” (where are Dolan Dark and Grandayy?) Am I supposed to have my opinion? This is garbage.

The only reason I bring up this story is because, I don’t mean to break people’s bubble, all award shows are garbage. It’s just a play that everyone plays into. It’s more about who is there to accept the award and how can they bring as much attention to their award show.

That doesn’t really make a difference and it’s all kind of bullsh*t politics and corporate chilling. Black Panther was an Oscar nominee for Best Picture! (I like how that’s news).

I would love for award shows to be what they actually appear to be, I’m just saying they’re not. Okay.

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