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Subscription Gap Between PewDiePie vs T-Series Closes For 10 Minutes

Obviously, I’m completely impartial in this matter.

I don’t care who wins (T-Gay).

Last night the sub gap closed. T-Series thought they had PewDiePie. YouTube decided to delete 20,000 subscribers immediately from PewDiePie’s channel. The sub gap was at 22,000 and then, very quickly, they took over. T-series actually past PewDiePie in subscribers for 10 minutes.

Painful minutes… However, it was necessary, because now they got a taste of what it means to be Number One.

Suddenly, Elon Musk came down from the sky and hosted Meme Review, and now (February 24) the sub gap is at 55,000 and PewDiePie is rightfully at number one again. I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but he deserves it.

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51 thoughts on “Subscription Gap Between PewDiePie vs T-Series Closes For 10 Minutes

  1. pdp still #1 cuz t-series is a company. i dont think everybody knows this but yall need some facts and logic

  2. lol im not supposed to give my opinion but Felix fucking deserves number one and Tgay d o e s n o t. But, of course, i am not biased.

  3. This Channel Is Still Relevant GOD-DAMMIT!!!

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