Shane Dawson shout out

Shane Dawson Talks About Jake Paul’s Psychopathy

Shane Dawson finished his series on Jake Paul

I am only bringing this up, because I criticized that one episode. Otherwise, I thought it was a great series. I really enjoyed it and I have a lot of respect for Shane. They’re really pushing the boundary on videos in general. I think it’s really impressive and inspiring what they’re doing.

I’m shouting out Shane Dawson. He clearly needs a shout out for me guys… I don’t know if you guys have heard of a Shane Dawson, you probably never heard of him…

No, but for real. I meant what I said and especially with me criticizing one of the episodes. Just because I criticize something doesn’t mean I hate that person or have some personal vendetta with him. It’s very different. And I believe the same thing goes with the BetterHelp stuff. I criticize YouTubers in general, but I don’t personally hate anyone. I really enjoyed the last episode, by the way.

Hearing Jake speak so eloquently was wonderful…


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