roblox unbans pewdiepie

Roblox Unbans PewDiePie

We have an update on the Roblox ban of PewDiePie.

Last week PewDiePie was banned from Roblox and this was probably one of the most grievous offenses of all time. This was also reported on every news sites.

My list of demands […] is simple.

This is a letter directly to you, Roblox: I supported you. I made the biggest Roblox livestream [ever], and I think a lot of people could benefit from your game. But now, I’ve changed my mind. and I’m really angry.

Reinstate my Roblox [account] — not just reinstate my account, but I want at least 500 Roblox as an apology, and I also want a written apology saying “Subscribe to PewDiePie” to show that you don’t support T-Series in all this.

That’s my list of demands. If you don’t follow it, Roblox, you’re going to be very […] regretful. You’re going to be angry at yourself. You’re gonna regret this, Roblox. Those are my demands. You have 25 hours.

– PewDiePie

Lo, and behold: Roblox responded. PewDiePie posted on Twitter:

My Roblox account was unbanned

Incredible, I’ve never been this happy. I also personally hacked PewDiePie’s email to get the response from Roblox and it states as follow:

In December, “pewdie” became a negative meme on Roblox and we began blocking the creation of new usernames that incorporated “pewdie”. The legacy account that Felix used in his livestream was incorrectly banned as part of the administration of that policy.

All memes aside, I actually am very thankful to everyone that tried to raise their voices to get me unbanned. At the end of the day, it’s not like I play Roblox, but I still appreciate it. Especially in the Roblox community. I don’t think they would have unbanned me otherwise. Thank you very much.

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  1. One time my sitsers made so many accounts on it that they ended up crashing our computer to the point where we couldn’t use it for a simple google search!

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