Reality hits Ninja in Times Square

Reality Hits Ninja in Times Square With Epic New Year’s Eve Dance Fail

If you haven’t seen Ninja’s clip

Apparently, Ninja was at the ball drop in New York City. It is like a party that is celebrated every New Year, and leave us with some good cringe.

We are gonna try to get a million people right now to dance in Times Square. A million people on in New York City are gonna floss! (…) Let’s get some floss music on!

No one was moving… Can you imagine walking up there and you expect a million people to be flossing in unison and then you see that no one is moving? However, what did Ninja expect? You are not going to get a bunch of New Yorkers in the middle of the rain to make some Fortnite dances, who thought that was a good idea?

However, this is not all the controversy, if you want to call it that way, Twitch was heavily pushing people to watch this on their website. They promoted it on the very top of all their banners and they even had ads on other people’s live streams. Obviously, a lot of people had a problem with this, especially Twitch streamers. Dr. Disrespect tweeted:

Dear Twitch, get these ugly looking New Year’s Eve ad rolls off my page. Don’t ever do it again either. Ever.

I am not supposed to give my own opinion, but I would probably be pretty annoyed of that as well. As content creators, ironically, we have nothing to say in what ads show up on our videos. If another youtuber paid ads or had ads to show up before my videos, I’d be annoyed by it.

Most likely Ninja had nothing to do with that, anyway. This is a problem when you are lending your brand for sponsorships because you don’t control it. This is the reason why I don’t accept a lot of brand deals if I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. A lot of times you get these brand news that sound cool and then reality hits.

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