Poppy Gloria Found Dead; Mary Ham Suspected Killer

I’m literally shaking and crying right now. We regret to inform you, but Pew News Anchor, friend, and overall beautiful woman, Poppy Gloria, was found dead in her apartment by Mary Katherine Ham earlier this week.

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PewDiePie, Pew News manager, mourns the loss of Poppy Gloria

Upon investigation, local police say the incident was likely a murder, but that there is not enough hard evidence to say so definitively. The closed-circuit security cameras on the premises were recording for the entire evening, but unfortunately, when they were removed and played back for investigators, the camera quality was too low for officials to identify a perpetrator.

When asked about the incident, Mary Ham had this to say:

Oh no

Mary Katherine Ham

The entire world is in shock right now. One of the most reliable news hosts ever to grace the internet with news, has died. These are some of the reactions sprinkled across the internet from Poppy Gloria’s legions of fans:

poppy gloria tweets
Poppy Gloria’s tweet about the incident
This is so sad
poppy gloria meme
If only Poppy Gloria could be in this photo…

Some officials suspected Mary Ham to be the murderer, since she was the only person in the room with Poppy Gloria that night. Her fingerprints were also found on a gun and several knives which were lying next to Poppy Gloria’s body. However, the record clearly shows that no Pew News anchor has ever told a lie, or presented any form of misinformation ever, so officials immediately dropped Ms. Ham as a suspect.

The crime scene was filled with disturbing imagery, such as a message on the wall (written in blood, later identified to be Poppy Gloria’s) which read “Lashed when lost.” Although on first impression this seemed to be a very obscure motive, authorities suspected this was a clue, and investigators collaborated with cryptologists to unscramble the letters, finding that the message could be translated to “End all the shows.”

Days later, questioning on Mary Ham resumed, after no other suspects could be found. After questioning, the local chief of police released this message to the public:

We had a very nice discussion with Mary Ham in her knife room, which is the room where she keeps all of her knives. She told us very plainly and repeatedly that she did not commit the murder, and did not see the other person who obviously did murder Ms. Gloria, and then proceeded to ramble on about how much she likes ham… but it was hard for myself and the other officers to hear her soft voice over the sound of her loudly sharpening knives while she stared at us.

Chief Spedaicy

When mourning with the rest of the Pew News staff the next day, Ms. Ham insisted to the rest of the staff that she only uses knives to cut ham. She also began speaking backwards and hovering slightly off of the ground for a minute or two, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. For now, the public must wonder who would do such an awful thing.

May Poppy Gloria rest in peace, and may your killer be found with all expediency.

In Loving Memory - Poppy Gloria 2018-2019
In Loving Memory – Poppy Gloria 2018-2019
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41 thoughts on “Poppy Gloria Found Dead; Mary Ham Suspected Killer

  1. Her ham is Poppy’s meat. So she’s not lying but she’s not telling the truth either: “I only use my knives to cut ham”. Therefore, Ham=Poppy’s meat. Knives= cut Poppy. Mary Ham= guilty. Case closed, your welcome.

  2. As a 6 Star Ranked Detective, from reading this article, every single detail leads to Mary Ham being the murderer.

    There is too much to explain.


  3. Hi. I’m Poppy Smoria, and I can confirm that Mary Katherine Ham is indeed the one that killed Poppy Gloria. But she had every right to. On the night that Poppy Gloria was murdered, I was present, and she was recording a video. She had a sponsor for that video, and before I could stop her, the fateful words escaped her lips… “DiD yOu KnoW tHaT RaId sHadOW lEGeNDs iS A mObILE RpG mUliTplAyeR gA-”
    I immediately left the scene because I knew that Mary Ham would commit a crime in response to the disgusting words that Poppy had uttered. I give my condolences to Poppy Gloria’s dad, PoopDie (ik im not supposed to give my opinion, but the price is free!) and I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive Mary K. Ham. She deserves better.

    xoXO, the best news anchor that doesnt f***ing promote raid shadow legends

  4. I have just been informed that Mary Ham as been murdered in a prison riot after being convicted of 1st degree murder. I’m not supposed to give my opinion! But she deserved it!

  5. R.I.P. poppy gloria… Maybe pewdiepie should leash some foxes to broland so he could exterminate the chickens.

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