Marzia quits YouTube

Marzia Quits YouTube

Marzia Bisognin announced this shock news to her fans in a heartfelt video titled Goodbye Youtube, which was approximately 9 minutes long. In the video she talked about her story and experiences throughout the years. She explained not only why she was quitting, but how exactly she got up to this point. She mentioned about how she left everything she’d worked towards to stay with her then-only boyfriend Felix. The video was loved and accepted by supporters, coming up with a near 98% like ratio.

However, this is where a problem with the internet arises. In instances like this, the creators in question need to be extremely specific and pinpoint the reasons why they are doing it, otherwise, it will get blurred. There were countless people coming up with rumors and speculation surrounding this issue. If these people would have taken the time and watch the 9 minutes video, all this guessing could have been easily cleared up and understood.

News companies jumped on this quickly, while also jumping to many conclusions. The Verge titled their article Youtuber Marzia calls it quits in a personal video about mental health. In this story, they also linked to another article of theirs about creator burnout crisis. Marzia stated in her video that this was completely not the case. This is another classic case of these big online news companies pushing their own narrative against big stars.

To many people is completely incomprehensible why a big creator would quit the platform. Its seen as a free way to make easy money and fame. It’s the profession that all the kids look up and aspire to! However, at the end of the day, life is more than YouTube fame.

When Marzia mentioned this beforehand to other large YouTubers, a lot of them had the reaction of I wish I could quit, but it’s not so easy. You see many of these big channels trying out numerous business projects, such as TV, acting or music and most of the time it is just because they’re not as motivated as before. They are almost forced to do YouTube in order to be able to get into other things. That might be why the YouTubers might tend to feel “trapped” doing only YouTube.

PewDiePie has stated that he is very proud of Marzi for taking that big step. It takes tremendous amounts of courage to do something like that. He 100% supports her in this massive step in her life.


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  1. Aww, its so nice that Felix supports Marzia! Everyone deserves to do what they want to and live how they want to. They are such s cute couple.

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