Jake Paul spent a lot of dollars on Mystery Brand

Jake Paul Spent a Lot of Money on Mystery Brand

Jake Paul and RiceGum promoted a brand called “Mystery Brand,” which looks identical to one of those Counter-Strike GO gambling websites where you gamble for skins.

It’s similar to any gambling website, but instead of gambling for skins, you’re gambling for actual brand products like shoes, phones, bags or cards; you can even win cars. It seems like a bad idea to promote these kind of websites, especially after the CS:GO Lotto scandal that happened a few years ago, where Tmartin and Syndicate, owning the website, were cheating their way to victory and faking reactions to have the people sign up for their web page.

So, now we have Jake Paul promoting this:

I spent $5000 on mystery boxes and you won’t believe what I got…

RiceGum also promoted this, obtaining a $10,000 handbag… What are the odds? Something smells a bit fishy about this, they both won considerable amount of items just from unboxing just a few boxes, at least that is what they showed.

RiceGum and Jake Paul have considerably young fans and promoting a gambling website in general just seems like a bad idea. Obviously, they don’t care and. I personally don’t like this argument, because I get it a lot myself. It’s not my responsibility who watches my channel, but there is a problem with Jake, who basically admits that he knows kids are watching him:

My audience is definitely younger. I’d say it’s from eight years old to 16 years old, and so that’s where I try to like cater the content.

Cater the content by promoting gambling… It’s not like this is a big expose that these people aren’t the most morally ethical, but there is a second problem. Smaller youtubers have already promoted this website and they’ve been getting too much good stuff.

When you’re unboxing 40 boxes, you actually get nothing over $15. Obviously this is not proof that there is not fair play, it’s just saying that it seems like they’re winning more than it actually is.

However, the third issue with this is shipping. On all these sponsored videos they kind of make it seem like it just takes a couple days to get your items, but online people are waiting over 65 days and no progress on their items has been made. These mashed ups can happen, shipping is out of the control of the supplier, but considering how it is advertised… it’s kind of false advertising.

The final juiciest bit is that on the website it says that you can win some pretty crazy stuff: a Lamborghini, a Bentley, another Lamborghini, another Mercedes, a Range Rover, etc. Someone on Twitter, cryptodelta, found out the chance of you winning that they display on the website: RiceGum’s handbag is 0.16% (he must be a really lucky guy) and a Lamborghini is 0.15%. It doesn’t really make any sense, it would still be that sort of a “high chance”, not very profitable for the website.

This website has a feature called “create your own box”, where you can basically make identical boxes, so this person decided to create the same box with the exact same items with the exact same odds as shown in the website. The price that they calculate for this box was $7,589 for this box. This means that for this to be profitable you should be paying almost eight thousand dollars, but in reality you’re paying $14.99, which means that those odds are totally false. This is a proof that what they’re displaying is not attainable in the way that they say it is.

All the sudden, this idea that they are marketing through YouTubers making them easier to win something doesn’t seems like that crazy. However, it seems like the people that are sponsored are genuinely surprised over winning these items. It seems like they’re almost skeptical in their reaction:

Shut the hell up, shut up. Is this a joke? This is supposed to be legit.

He’s doing a sponsorship with this company and he’s still he’s not even sure if it’s legit. My theory is that they create an account, give it better odds and give it to the YouTuber. I am not supposed to give my own opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Keemstar said himself that he was offered a hundred thousand dollars to do a promotion for this website. I can confirm because I’ve been reached out by similar websites and they pay an insane amount of money. Obviously, they’re very profitable.

It’s kind of messed up to see big YouTubers promoting something like this, which has clearly been known to be sketchy.

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