It’s Time to Bring Out the Big Guns: An Airplane

The already internationally famous song, Congratulations, and the subsequent epic crown recovery by PewDiePie has given the 9-Year-Old army the opportunity to prepare for another big blow on April 29, 2019: PewDiePie Day.

The plan, proposed by Reddit user u/Nya-ni, is to hire a pilot in order to fly a banner celebrating PewDiePie Day around New York City for 1 hour. The plan seems to be moving forward smoothly, as Nya-ni posted this on Reddit:

We are cleared to flying along the Hudson River, thanks to the pilot’s agency. The agency has flown planes around NYC for various aerial advertising over the years and has been in business since 1989.


This could be a huge step forward. New York is the largest city in the United States of America, with a population of over 8.63 million people and heavy tourist traffic. This is the biggest PewDiePie promotion so far!

The event would take place on April 29, the 9th Anniversary of PewDiePie’s channel, which is a very special anniversary, as it marks the first time in YouTube history that a channel has ever been older than the person who created it.

The cost to produce the large banner is $2,195 and the the price for one hour of flight over the famous Hudson river is another $375, making the total cost of the project $2,570.

The campaign has already surpassed its goal! You can donate here.

Now that the campaign has received more publicity, the numbers keep growing. You may also see the 9-Year-Old magic at home, as there could be 4 or more planes in various cities!

Nya-ni on Reddit

With the highest hopes, this could become an annual tradition (Federal Government recognizing PewDiePie Day as an international holiday?).UPDATE: The Campaign has just hit it’s goal of $3,000, meaning the airplane will be fully funded. All future funding will go to more airplanes in various locations and charity.


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47 thoughts on “It’s Time to Bring Out the Big Guns: An Airplane

  1. We need this as an ducking celebration forever! FOR PEWPEWPEWDIEPIE (srry if I have bad English cause I’m fro ger.)

  2. At April 19th, T-Series will make a song with Pitbull. In order for T-Series to not benefit hugely from this, the song must flop. But if they don’t hit 100m, this could be our chance to win the race!

  3. This is really cool. I am so proud of this community! I can’t wait to see how the media reacts to this.

  4. But what if it crashes into a building like 9/11? They’ll think pewdiepie is a neo nazi even more than before.

  5. everyone is doing there part in this war..( are you? the person looking at my comment) ( >°~°)>

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