Fortnite gets a NEW very important update

Fortnite Gets a Very Important Update

Fornite gets an update!

You can now press down to thank the bus driver before jumping in Fortnite! We did it guys! We did it. Our memes made an influence. I’m so proud we have achieved this.

All this started in a Meme Review in June, talking about the bus driver meme, and you guys started memeing it immediately on PewDiePie’s subreddit. The same day, people started tweeting that there should be an option where you can thank the bus driver in Fortnite.

They have listened to us! Thanks to the power of memes, we have made a positive impact in the world and you can now thank the bus driver in Fortnite. I have never been this proud.

All of you, give yourself a pat on the back, we did it. Fornite has officially become the best Battle Royale game. I’m sorry PUBG, you had your chance.


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