Fiverr bans VoiceoverPete

Fiverr Bans VoiceoverPete

VoiceoverPete was recently banned from Fiverr. This is obviously devastating news to the entire meme community, however it did bring us together.

Voiceover Pete has clearly helped Pewdiepie, (my amazing employer) in the past. He would have to be most famous for the little meme where he says:

Attention all gamers! For us to win in this game, I need your mom’s credit card number.

He has been featured in one of my videos (PewDiePie’s video), but it’s a popular meme, so it’s pretty much everywhere you look at this point. Grandayy posted this on his twitter:

Fiver just banned VoiceoverPete from their platform. He was one of the most wholesome people on their website, why would they even ban him? We need to get him unbanned. #JusticeForVoiceoverPete

Voiceover Pete responded to this news taken back, expressing that he already had roughly 220 orders in queue for him to perform from customers. That is a lot of business for him, obviously. So, he tried to log into his account and it showed that it was indeed disabled.

It’s ridiculous how a website could just ban your account without reaching out to you first. In addition, all those 220 orders, who had already payed, only got their money refunded back into their Fiverr credit and not directly refunded back into their wallet. This means that they could only use that money on other Fiverr gigs. Not just that, he now misses out on all these orders and all the money that he had on that account is gone, apparently. Everything gone. That money is now no longer his.

The reason of this ban was later revealed in an email, stating that it was because he consistently joked about credit card information. This, however, was the entire reason Pete blew up and his wave of fans seemed to really enjoy how he did it, making an effort to seem really bad at scamming, adding to the irony of the situation. Pete responded with a video:

It’s clearly a fake scam, it so obvious, that’s what’s funny about it. Obviously people in legal have no sense of humor.

This is an extremely sudden change for both Pete and everyone who ordered from him, seeming to almost come out of the blue, with no warning or notification first. Pete’s son, PJ, on this issue:

I think it is the perfect time for him [Pete] to pivot from Fiverr to Patreon, as the best way to fulfil your orders with those dank memes

Pete is doing now his orders on Patreon, however he is cutting down his prices in order to give more to his fans, and make his content more accessible to them. It seems like Pete is already doing really well so far, which is really inspiring. I love how he took this entire thing in his stride and turn it in to a new positive experience for him.

This is a true epic gamer moment.


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