Battlefield V flops completely 1

Battlefield V Flops Completely

An analyst predicts that EA’s (America is 5th most hated company) ‘Battlefield 5’ will be a serious disappointment. Preorders lag ‘Call of Duty’ by more than 85%.

I am just Poppy Harlow. I am not supposed to give my own opinion or speculation, but I think I might have a clue of why the Battlefield 5 preorders are doing so poorly. It might have something to do with the Battlefield V trailer getting four hundred and sixty thousand (460k) dislikes as opposed to three hundred thirty-four thousand (334k) likes, making it the worst reveal trailer in their history!

And it seemed to focus more on pushing some form of social justice agenda as opposed to just focusing on making it the coolest trailer they could make: That is right, a girl with a bionic arm, they exist in World War 2 and, if you don’t think so, then you’re just uneducated. This is not a joke, that is what EA responded:

”Accept it or don’t buy the game” The chief design officer of Battlefield, Patrick Soderlund affirmed: “We felt like in today is world – I have a 13-year-old daughter that when the trailer came out and she saw all the flak, she asked me, ‘Dad, why is this happening?’ She plays Fortnite, and says, ‘I can be a girl in Fortnite. Why are people so upset about this?’. As a parent, how the heck am I gonna respond to this? And I just said ‘You know what? You’re right. This is not okay. These people, who are uneducated, they don’t understand that this is a plausible scenario.”

Then finally Patrick Soderlund said:

“We don’t take any flack. We stand up for the cause, because I think those people who don’t understand it well, you have two choices: either accept it or don’t buy the game. I’m fine with either or it is just not okay.”

What is this…? Electronic Art chief design officer is leaving!

Just two months before the launch of the new installment of one of its biggest franchises, Battlefield. Patrick Soderlund has been with EA for nearly 20 years. Earlier this month Crowen said pre-order sales of Battlefield 5 have been weak.

This is strange, I shouldn’t be putting pieces together, but I think I understand what happened here. This response sounds to me like someone that just doesn’t care or someone that doesn’t want to take criticism (or at least not trying to understand it) and instead he is drawing a line in the sand between the consumers and his ideology. This is the problem that you face when you push social politics into video games, because, like any politics, is all about making your opponent seem like a villain. So, he is basically making the consumers look like the villain here by saying: “Well, if you don’t like what we’re trying to do, you’re uneducated. Don’t buy the game”.

Instead of trying to understand the actual criticism, he is making the criticism seem like “you’re just uneducated or you’re just a sexist or you just don’t want to see women in video games”, when that is not the problem at all. Patrick is not wrong for saying that today gaming is gender diverse and he is not wrong for looking after the interests of his daughter in video games. However, this trailer showed so clearly that he cared more about pushing his political agenda than making a cool trailer. That is a problem. This trailer is basically saying: “Hey, huh? What do you think about this? Huh? What is your opinion about this? Huh? Look what we did”. And that is why people don’t like it.

It is not a surprise that he was let go after this. I don’t want to celebrate people losing their job, especially working so long. But this may have been for the better. I understand that it is a good intention, but just a bad execution.

Marketing for Battlefield 5 gets worse from here… For some reason they decided to hire Trevor Noah to sell Battlefield 5. Trevor Noah, of course, which everyone knows as a Battlefield veteran. No offense to Trevor, people like him are great, but he is clearly fake and it is so painfully transparent during this reveal. The remarks he makes are so cringy:

TREVOR: Co-op is back and that is one of my favorite aspects of Battlefield 1…
TREVOR: First and foremost I’m a gamer.
TREVOR: Wow, the car, the thing, the man, the boo. You saw the thing man. Uh-huh. I hope they got insurance. That was insane… Do you see that?

Do you would expect anyone to believe this? How many millions do they spend on this… They built that whole set, they hired Trevor Noah. How much do you think this cost?

I feel bad, because clearly there are so many bad decisions being made by a minority of people. I’m sure there is plenty of truly talented people working on this game. DICE is a very good studio. They have made some amazing games that I’m a big fan of, but it seems like you got the wrong people making the wrong decisions. I feel bad for all the other people working on it. I am sure there is a massive team on it.

It has gone so far that even the fans of Battlefield 5 themselves are memeing the whole thing…


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