Alinity got a problem

Alinity Is Selling Used Underwear

Alinity was caught selling underwear. Alinity! Who would have thought she would be back on Pew News.

I had no idea if you guys remember Alinity. She was the creator of: “CAN WE COPYSTRIKE PEWDIEPIE?“. Then, I (PewDiePie) called her out for basically just sexualizing her content for kids and I got called out in return by Vice: PewDiePie is teaching his audience that women are asking for it. And now, as it turns out, she’s doing the same thing.

There is this clip… In this clip, you can read a few words from random email that says:

I want to bue. Hey Alinity, I hope you remember you sold me a leopard bra many years ago. I had offered you very good money then 😉 and I wanted to ask if you’d like to (…)

How could I (PewDiePie) accuse this poor woman? Then, she basically went on to admit that this happened:

I don’t even remember what the bra looked like.

If it was a guy, they would have been banned years ago. Seriously? I don’t even think she deserves to get banned. To be fair, I am just bringing up this issue in general, I feel like the way Twitch is running their website is not good. There is a bubble waiting to be broken (that’s not the expression, but whatever).

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