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VoiceOverPete to Host NYC PewDiePie Event

So excited to be a part of this historic event. The 9 yr anniversary of Pewds is truly newsworthy. The first video posted on YT was just 13 years ago. Thus to be in NY, for this exciting anniversary is nothing short of amazing! I look forward to meeting everyone at the museum and meetup!


As previously mentioned on PewNews, on April 29, International PewDiePie Day, A “Subscribe to PewDiePie” banner plane will fly over the Hudson River in New York City as part of a project dubbed “Project Starhammer”. u/Twlv_Heroes posted an update on the project with some exciting new information.

Thanks to @Snowpiercer2#0005 (Discord) for paying $1141 USD to the project, covering the cost of VoiceOverPete’s tickets. Pete will be flown from Florida to New York city to host the event. Paraphrased from u/Twlv_Heroes.

At 12:00 PM (GMT-4), the banner plane will take off. 5 cameramen will live stream the event from various locations, with VoiceOverPete hosting the event. Soon after, Pete will post a video of the event.

Afterwards, there will be a fan meetup where people can sign the banner. This will take place around 2:00 PM (GMT-4) and fans will be able to meet VoiceOverPete in person at the NYC Children’s Museum of Arts. Then, the signed banner will be sent to PewDiePie for him to display as he pleases.

This will be the largest event to support any YouTube channel in the history of YouTube. After all, there are only two events where large amounts of people gather to watch ads – International PewDiePie Day and the Superbowl. If you can make it, you definitely should go!

Thanks to all of the people who helped create this event, including Twlv, Tearbrush, Delta, Snowpiercer2, the entire 9-Year-Old Army Special Unit Discord channel and the International PewDiePie day Discord channel (You can click for a never expiring invite link).

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      1. wait what, he said it used to say “subscribe to PewDiePie” and you said it changed to “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” the only thing different is the caps and the e pic is in all caps I’m confused

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