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The Dark Side of Pokimane

PewDiePie brought up Pokimane in one of his recent videos basically saying stop copystriking videos, you’re making everything worse.

People abusing the copyright system, which is already so broken, is bad for everyone and that was PewDiePie’s point on the video.

So, I called out a couple examples and Pokimane was one of them. I would have to say Pokimane’s example was the least harmful and I was almost arguing in her favor, but then apparently someone else called her out at the same time, making a video called “The Dark Side of Pokimane”.

When, Pokimane made a response to my video and the other video the people weren’t happy about it. It has almost as many likes as dislikes and personally I didn’t understand why people were mad at all. So, I wanted to break down why are people pissed off. From her video:

The re-upload of the Twitter beef wasn’t transformative content, so I was able to get it taken down through my MCN, but again PewDiePie was in the right by saying “but the problem here is that you’re just drawing more attention to it”. Trying to like hide all that drama, only ended up bringing more attention to it again (…) The video was reuploaded within 24 hours and they asked if I wanted to get it taken down again, but I just said that it was fine to leave it.

Pokimane took down a video that was a Twitter beef between her and Keemstar. My point in the video was that it looked bad for Pokimane and I understand why she wanted to take it down, but she just drew more attention to it. People were rightfully saying that why should you take down videos that you deem are not transformative when you have content yourself that is arguably not transformative at all. That’s the main issue that bothers a lot of people, she even put on one of my videos and went to the bathroom.

I get it that is different for streamers. If you stream for hours and hours every single day, it is impossible to have all original content. I’m personally not mad about it, but I still think the same argument still applies.

The other reason why people were upset was because she had discovered that someone else had reuploaded her content and put heavily sexualized titles and thumbnails around it. This man also reuploads other YouTubers’ content. However, they’re not monetized. She made a response about this whole thing saying:

I will sometimes take down videos, when it’s a straight re-upload of my stream and when it’s a gross and misleading title. I also take those down because my mom really doesn’t like seeing them on YouTube searches. Sorry, mom.

She showed his Instagram on the stream as well, as a way that to attack him. It doesn’t look good. I’m so bored by this now. We know why people are upset and maybe I missed something. I think if Pokimane just had reached out to guy who did the Keemstar video first, this whole thing would have been avoided. A lot of people don’t really know what a copyright claim entails. It’s basically forcing you to go to court if someone fights it.

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