Man Receives 160 Years in Prison for Copystrike

Absolutely incredible, one of the best things I have ever heard, I’m not supposed to give my opinion. This news come from Grandayy:

This guy literally stole multiple cars just to copystrike the YouTube videos about his police chase published by the news.

However, he ended up getting 160 years in prison instead.

This guy went on an absolute savage, stole a car with a kid inside, almost ran over a cop and then drove against traffic. His plan was that, once the news footage came out on YouTube, he was going to copystrike it. The driver Ryan Stone hoped to profit from his internet fame after the video was posted online.

The oopsie is that he got 160 years in prison. He wanted to profit from all of the clicks of the chaise received on our own Denver 7 YouTube channel.

This is, what is it, three years old? The man was before his time.

We looked into Ryan Stone’s claims that Denver 7 made money off the YouTube video, we did not. Our video only has a hundred forty five thousand views, as with some YouTube videos, if one gets over a million views, our parent company probably would have been given two to three thousand dollars.

Does a hundred and sixty years in prison seem a bit far? You have to consider the fact that he could have gotten many people killed while doing this. He almost ran over a cop and there was a kid in the back of the car. So, I don’t know if his behavior is excused just because someone didn’t get hurt.

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat this guy if flipen crazyyyy why would he do suck stupid things??

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