YouTube CEO is cringy

Even Her Own Kids Think YouTube CEO is Cringy


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admits even her kids said they YouTube Rewind 2018 video was cringy

She basically summarized last year and she said:

One record we definitely didn’t set out to break was to make the most disliked video on the Internet. Even at home, my kids told me our 2018 Rewind video was ‘cringy’ (…) We will do better to tell our story in 2019.

It feels just nice to hear them say it. I guess when you have the did most dislike video on YouTube, on your own platform… PewDiePie got a gift, I appreciate the thought and inside the box said:

Congratulations on an incredible year!

I don’t know if people agree that it’s been an incredible year. So just hearing them say yes, we messed up is nice.

She also brought up the Article 13 proposal that is going on.

(…) moving on to Article 13. Thank you to everyone who helps shine a light on the serious unintended consequences of the European copyright proposal, you have proven to be a powerful voice in the debate. Your videos were viewed hundreds of millions of times and millions of people signed the petition.

It’s the most signed petition of all time, it is making a difference. They also talked about one of their biggest goals being about improving communication and engagement with many of you told us you prefer hearing from us through social posts, so we set a goal to be more responsive through those channels. YouTube has been a lot more responsive on Twitter and it feels at least like the community has a voice when talking to them and I appreciate. However, I think the main issue is not responding, it’s how you communicate. As an example there is this premiere feature:

We are excited to see the community using these features, creators like Lele Pons and Emma Chamberlin use our new premier feature.

If you don’t know it, you can schedule your videos to premiere and it’s watched as a live video. When I heard about it I was really excited to be able to use it myself (PewDiePie, actually), but as soon as I used it, I got less views on my video than I would have got if I just published it normally. I asked YouTube if they could fix it and they said no, there’s nothing wrong with it. I just won’t use it, it’s not that important

Then a week later, they come back and say we fixed that issue. This makes me not trust what they are say because clearly you’re not being told the full story.

The monetization is another big one where YouTube basically says nothing happens. However, if a video gets demonetized, the video shouldn’t be affected at all, but then everyone in the community notices a massive drop in views as soon as a video gets demonetized. There’s been numerous evidences showing that this happens. There’s clearly a mismatch in what people are saying and what YouTube is saying.

At least I’m happy with the direction of YouTube, the monetization has vastly improved. Obviously a lot of that comes from me changing my content: I avoid controversial topics, I don’t swear in my videos, I don’t use the same type of edge of humor, etc. and maybe that’s for the better.

There are still a lot of issues that need to be resolved, but things are getting better and I feel a lot better about my situation with YouTube. I really hope that we’re not just told things and that we actually see action this year, but that’s just my opinion, which I’m not supposed to have.

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