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Tfue is NOT Happy with FaZe Clan

It’s Hammer time!

Tfue, the Fortnite guy who has 10 million subscribers on YouTube, is suing FaZe.

fortine guy
Photo-realistic depiction of Tfue’s appearance

FaZe is an American e-sports organization that competes in various video-game tournaments. They started as a gaming clan on YouTube in 2010. Apparently, this clan has been taking 80% of Tfue’s revenue and forcing him to only do sponsorships through FaZe.

Faze Clan
Faze Clan’s logo

If you’re in the world cup or you think you’re going to qualify, do not sign to an org unless it says in the contract that they don’t take any earning from tournaments. And if you’re IN a contract that says that, you need to frickin’ get a laywer and get the flip out of that contract.


Tfue also says that he was “reportedly pushed into living in one of the group’s LA homes alongside other young celebs“. I am not supposed to give my own opinion, but I share that sentiment (who would ever want to live in a mansion for free?).

He also says that he was “encouraged to drink alcohol while underage as well as gamble“. This was proven to be a little dramatization of the situation, he has a few videos already drinking underage.

Yeah guys I don’t really drink, but I am having one beer.

Tfue in one of his videos

He also said that he was “continuously pressured to perform stunts” in his videos. FaZe Banks, one of the founders of Faze, addressed this as well:

You jump off of shit and you’ve been doing that far, far, far before you met us. The first thing you did when you came to LA, was that you brought us up to the reservoir and you jumped off of the whole reservoir. If anyone was pressuring anybody into doing that, it was you. Pressuring Tommy, his brother.

FaZe Banks on a Pew News wannabe show

FaZe Banks and Tfue are friends and he got very upset about this lawsuit, seeing it as a big betrayal. Banks addresses the whole 80/20 split:

Absolutely 1000% untrue (…) We have collected and earned $60,000 from Tfue since we originally started our relationship, which was about a year and a half ago. I don’t even think that’s 80% of what Tfue makes in a day.

FaZe Banks again on a Pew News wannabe show

They have taken 20%, which is still high. However, contractually they could legally take up to 80%:

tfue contract
Tfue & FaZe Clan Splits

On the other hand, a lot of people pointed out that, by looking at Tfue’s subscriber stats of when he joined FaZe on April 30th, his career blew up thanks to FaZe Clan.

tfue subscriber stats
Tfue subscriber stats from Sociablade

A lot of people are actually upset because of all those extra reasons that Tfue added along with this, like the stunts and the alcohol.

Tfue did a response video:

Tfue’s response

… all the stuff about the gambling the stunts the drinking… I told my lawyer I did not want that in there and he will do exactly just that. He will take it out, so no worries, guys.

Tfue in his response video

I’m the first person to stand up and say this is not right, this is not cool and if only you guys could see what is in this contract… #ReleaseContract, guys.

Tfue in his response video

This lawsuit is bigger than just a dispute between releasing the contract, the Labor Commission has been notified in California and they are now forced to respond.

Talent agencies are supposed to be licensed and regulated by the labor commission to protect young talent from being suckered into contracts like this (…) eSport teams have been operating as unregulated talent agencies for years, a direct violation of the Talent Agency Act.

Labor Commission in California

They are fighting to change the way these eSport groups are functioning. If the Labor Commission is forced to respond, FaZe might have to shut down.


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4 thoughts on “Tfue is NOT Happy with FaZe Clan

  1. The contract itself is definitely evil, especially with their ‘if you leave FaZe you can’t play videogames for 6 months’ rule (which effectively destroys their career), but FaZe hasn’t taken more than 20% yet and Tfue has lied and dramatised a bunch of things. I’m strongly against the contract itself and the people who decided to put these things in the contract, but since they haven’t acted on it yet so I can’t really side with Tfue.

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