RiceGum gives away free fake money

RiceGum Gives Away Free Fake Money

Last week, RiceGum and Jake Paul promoted a website called MysteryBrand, which was pretty obviously a scam.

RiceGum got made a response video saying in the title this dude calls me out for mystery unboxing. His response was laughable:

…like three months ago don’t listen to anything, it wasn’t a problem back then, look at all these guys right here, they’re influential and got kid fans, opening boxes. This was three weeks ago way, before I was doing it. Why did no one bring it up three weeks ago or even talk about these guys.

Everyone else did it, it’s not my fault. However, I did brought it up in my article. I didn’t even press that much the fact that they’re promoting gambling to kids because I know Jake Paul and RiceGum obviously don’t care. They just want to make money, that’s all that matters to these people. There’s no reason to call them out for anything unethical, but if you have something illegal that’s going to reflect badly on everyone on YouTube.

Both their videos are still up, they both apologize more or less, but their videos are still up and the reason why is because most likely contractually they have to keep them up for them to be paid. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. RiceGum’s video:

There’s nothing I can’t really do, let’s say sorry and I will give you these Amazon giftcard codes.

What an absolute mad lad, he gave away ten dollar gift cards, that fixes the whole thing! Is he serious or is he trolling? Then, someone even found out that these gift cards weren’t even legit, they’ve been cashed literally months ago. This is what he said about how much he was paid:

RiceGum: I don’t want to say it but they offered KeemStar one thousand.
Logan Paul: I feel like I have a guess, somewhere between 200 and 250 thousand dollars.
RiceGum: I mean, maybe…

RiceGum would 100% point out that he made more money than KeemStar. It doesn’t matter how much money is involved, it doesn’t matter what he says as a response or what he tries to do, only if he deletes the video.

Ironically when RiceGum deflects to other people doing the same thing, he also kind of has a point: why did no one care about all these other YouTubers doing this same thing. That’s kind of the problem, you need to look into these things yourself and at least take a responsibility.

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