Gillette and PewDiePie

Gillette and PewDiePie

Again Gillette…

Last week, I brought up the Gillette commercial, and a lot of people were upset at me. It seemed like a lot of people had the sentiment that I, Gloria Borger, didn’t care about any of the issues that the Gillette commercial brought up or that I was brushing them aside.

I have to agree, I wasn’t able to recognize some of the issues in the commercial, for example the whole “smile, sweetie.” I understand it now completely. However, it’s so poorly conveyed in the video: previously you have this shot of people at a party dancing and smiling, both boys and girls, and then you have this shot of a guy saying “smile” with a camera and we’re just supposed to assume that something bad is happening. Unless you’re educated on this thing or have experience with it, you’re not going to recognize it. This just seems like you’re pandering, you don’t care about changing the issue, you only want a pat on the back.

The second thing I was called for, was this shot of a guy that is about to approach a girl. Everyone told me that he is going to catcall her, and catcalling is really bad. I think he’s just about to approach her. It’s such a weird argument, why are they so vague about these things?

My point was how badly and vaguely they convey all these issues and that to me just seems like pandering. I’ll admit that I did an oopsie, because I rushed through the story and it was at the end of the video. I definitely could have done a better job at expressing what I was thinking, but at the same time so could have Gillette.

Most people could agree with me that Gillette could have done a better job with this commercial. Just because I criticized it as a commercial, doesn’t mean I’m criticizing the issue that it’s trying to bring up. I was pointing out how bad of a job they do at portraying these issues.

Why people are so keen on defending a multi-billion-dollar company it’s just beyond me. Just because they bring up issues doesn’t mean they care, it’s all about buying an image. Just because you bring up important issues there is not an excuse that you do a bad job of bringing them up.

It’s funny for a company that literally sells the female version of razors for more expensive price than the male version. I know a lot of women actually buy the male version of their razor blades, because they’re higher quality and cheaper. Gillette doesn’t have the best history and maybe that’s what they were trying to acknowledge, but it seemed more like brushing aside. Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble, who are notorious for animal testing as well. What a wonderful company!

I think the main thing reason why people were pissed off at the commercial was because it was grouping all men to make them look evil or harmful. The response to that is “they’re not saying that, they’re just saying that men can do better.” Yes, everyone can do better, and it’s annoying to be grouped into a lot of people and issues that you’re not taking part of, but that’s just my opinion; even though I’m not supposed to have it. Please stop buying into that companies, they’re just trying to sell you shit.

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