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Buzzfeed Prints a MOMO Cover Magazine

Buzzfeed prints a one-off magazine! How innovative! Going back to print, what a great idea! With MOMO on the cover!

The internet was filled with support for Buzzfeed:

Good call moving to print! Booming industry!

@scaggs991 on Twitter

So you’re telling me that the creative director said: “When history looks back at Buzzfeed’s issue #1, we want the iconic MOMO to be on the cover..?”

@SentinelofMercy on Twitter

Too bad there will not be any history for Buzzfeed, last month it was reported that “as many as 2100 people have lost their jobs in the past two weeks” and Buzzfeed having a cut of 15% of their staff.

Buzzfeed, who hires such amazing people like Joe Bernstein. Furthermore, Vice is laying off 10% of their workforce… This is a huge blow for journalism…

Obviously, people losing their jobs is not to be celebrated BUT it is hard to feel bad for companies that are running these smear campaigns, not just against PewDiePie, but other people as well.

I find it ironic and funny how Buzzfeed, two years ago, after the Wall Street Journal scandal, posted about PewDiePie’s downfall writing:

His downfall feels anti-capitalist, it feels nonconformist, it makes us feel all the things we love to feel to prove we’re better than that.

Have fun Buzzfeed, I will be laughing all the way.

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28 thoughts on “Buzzfeed Prints a MOMO Cover Magazine

  1. “Best” Buzzfeed magazine cover ever. It really scared the sh*t out of me. “Love” it. Pew News is more reliable.

  2. In the Momo article you said “I find if ironic and funny”, I hate to be that guy but you’re not supposed to give your opinion

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