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Brad 1 Says Goodbye to All 9 Year Olds

This is a sad day…

After almost 5 years of editing for the PewDiePie channel, I am moving on…

BradWOTO on Twitter

These are the first words of the post tweeted by BradWOTO yesterday. The tweet is captioned “Attention all 9 year olds” and it announces that he is stepping down and talks about how much editing for PewDiePie’s channel meant to him.

brad says goodbye
Brad’s post on Twitter

Brad Smith (or colloquially Brad 1) is, to date, the most veteran PewDiePie’s editor. He has been working on the channel for almost 5 years! Some fans probably won’t even realize he is gone from the channel, as videos will be going forward. However, diehard fans will definitely feel the loss in one way or another.

brad and pewdiepie 2
Brad & PewDiePie from Brad’s tweet

PewDiePie has often talked about how much he respects and appreciates Brad in his videos. Long-time fans will definitely recognize his name and know how much of a blow this is. PewDiePie also wanted to let everyone know how much Brad meant to the channel and him, so he posted this on Twitter:

pewdiepie says thanks to brad
PewDiePie’s post about Brad’s “goodbye”

PewDiePie, as well as Brad, posted a picture of both having fun together:

pewdiepie and brad
PewDiePie & Brad from PewDiePie’s tweet

Brad confirmed that he will still be doing work on his personal YouTube channel as well as streaming daily on Twitch. This is huge step in his personal and business career and we, from the PewNews headquarters, wanted to say GOOD LUCK, BRAD!

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