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Bidding on PewDiePie’s Sonic Drawing Surpasses $1,000,000 in 6 Hours

It pains me to sell this that I’ve hold on to for so long, but money is tight

PewDiePie – Twitter

Within the first 48 bids on eBay, the masterpiece had already reached
£20100 ($26,479). Moments later, a 49th bidder topped that, with £20300 ($26743.25). Less than 10 minutes later, the 69th bidder offered £65,700.00
($86,553.28). To put that into perspective, that is over the average yearly salary in the United states ($ 80,843).


The original title for this article was “Bidding on PewDiePie’s Sonic drawing passes $25,000“, but the number keeps growing faster than an article can be written.

The auction reached $80,000 in less than an hour, and still has 6 days 23 hours left for bidding. The highest bidder will receive the 12 inch drawing.

The starting price for the item was only 4 pounds sterling. Within 70 bids, it has reached 16,475 times the asking price.

The item is being sold by fekjel_60 (PewDiePie, Felix Kjelberg) who created his eBay account the same day, and the item is in unlisted condition. The drawing was created the day prior in this video:

Fixing Sonic the Hedgehog, by PewDiePie
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27 thoughts on “Bidding on PewDiePie’s Sonic Drawing Surpasses $1,000,000 in 6 Hours

    1. The US Census bureau reported the average yearly income as just under $60,000 in 2017. I forget where the $80,000 comes from.

  1. This was sold for 10 mil. Whoever bought this is a real madlad

    (and pretty f—ing rich)

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